Review: ‘A Jedi, You Will Be’ is a Whimsical Return to Dagobah

Journey back to Dagobah with Luke Skywalker in Lucasfilm Publishing’s newest release A Jedi, You Will Be

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If you’ve been feeling The Empire Strikes Back nostalgia this year, Preeti Chhibber’s newest addition to the Star Wars library is the perfect book for you and your youngling. A Jedi, You Will Be is an endearing picture book that captures the magic of Star Wars for a younger audience. 

Mike Deas’ work captures a whimsical essence that evokes childhood memories of E. H. Shepard’s vibrant illustrations of the Hundred Acre Woods. In A Jedi, You Will Be Yoda is our Winne the Pooh, guiding a Christopher Robin-like Luke Skywalker through his spiritual journey through the swamps of Dagobah. 

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The book breaks the fifth wall, as Yoda speaks directly to the reader about Luke Skywalker’s training on Dagobah and relates it to the reader’s own Jedi journey. One of the most creative parts of the story is the inclusion of new creatures that audiences didn’t get to see in The Empire Strikes Back. Whenever there’s a chance to expand on the galaxy we all know and love, it’s thrilling to see what new content is added. 

Even if you aren’t a young reader or don’t have children in your life, this is a perfect collectible for any Star Wars fan. There is no shortage of Star Wars content this year — especially with the 40-year anniversary celebration surrounding The Empire Strikes Back — and Chhibber has created the perfect sentimental keepsake. 

If you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for your little Padawan this holiday season or looking for a new book to add to your bedtime stories, you will want to pick up A Jedi, You Will Be

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