What does Retirement really look like?

Since I was a child, I thought retirement was about not working. As I've aged, my perspective on retirement has changed. For me, it's about getting to a spot where you have options in what to do with your time. Each of us will have different ideas in what that flexibility looks like. The following comes to mind for me.

Not having to work for money unless I want to.

Don't get me wrong; I love my job. I get to work at home and work with people I like. But I have to put in a certain number of hours every week, and the amount of PTO time I can take is limited. My dream during retirement is to have multiple passive income streams or jobs that would give me flexibilit. This also has the side benefit of not having to depend on my nest egg to fully fund retirement. In order to work during this time, I would have to either like what I'm doing, or it has to be lucrative enough to justify the time commitment. This could end up being real estate, managing this blog, or something else I discover.

Massive amounts of leisure time reading and being active.

I want to spend time reading books and blogs, going on walks, riding my bike, and learning new things. Not only would this be fun, but it would be healthy. I also would love for this blog to grow over time. I'm learning that not working and staying at home watching Netflix for 12 hours per day would probably lead to extreme boredom/depression. Plus I would get pudgy.

Traveling the world.

We recently went to Florida for two weeks, and the family had a blast. I would love to be able to tour Europe, Asia, Africa, etc. after quitting my job. Experience different worlds. Traveling is expensive but would give us a lot of life seeing different places. Also having an excess amount of time would open up cheaper options that require more time (like long-haul drives) or staying in hostels.

Spend lots of time with my children and grandchildren.

I want to spoil the crap out of our kids/grand-kids during retirement. If my children have kids, I want to watch them so they can go on date nights or vacations. I dream about paying for full family vacations. Our kids will be in their 30's if we retire in our mid-50's… one of the benefits having kids early.

By the time we reach retirement, I want a substantial nest egg.

Who knows where social security is going to be at by the time we retire, but it probably will not be enough to do what we want to do. Having a substantial nest egg would give us options in when we retire, along with our budget during retirement. Since we are starting retirement savings later in life (in our mid 30's), this is going to be difficult. But it is possible if we continue to limit our spending and invest our money wisely.

Make memories with Andrea.

Connecting with my partner, Andrea, is one of the greatest joys of my life. I want this to continue during retirement.

After we die, I want to pass down an inheritance.

I don't want to give a large sum of money to our children early in their life since I want them to learn how to get on solid footing. But I do dream about leaving them some money. I want this to be a parting gift for them after we die.


Retirement should be one of the happiest points in our lives. Thinking about where you want to be is healthy, but it also helps you see what truly matters in life. Our current goal is to retire between 55-60 years old. That means we have a solid 20 years in trying to get there. That is of course unless we win the lottery.

What do you want to do during retirement? How are you pursuing those goals?

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