Suicide and tragedy

This is a post in honor of Anthony Bourdain. This is a man who seemed to live life the way he wanted. He pursued what he enjoyed and it made him a rich man, both financially and hopefully emotionally. Still, his life ended tragically by suicide and it is a reminder that we never know what people are battling.

While I have dealt with tragedy in my life, I have never lost someone close to me to suicide. I do not and cannot pretend to understand how those affected by such tragedy feel. Still, as a health professional, I hope we can all just be more aware.

Whether it is a co-worker, neighbor, spouse, child or other family members; it is important to try and pay attention. For doctors, don't ignore the signs among your patients. Ask the right questions, it is your lawful duty.

If you see the warning signs, engage the person in conversation, even if it is the hardest thing you have ever done. You may be the break they need, the person to lean on, to enable them to survive. 

As a medical, but not mental health, professional I often wonder if the disease that leads to suicide is inherently different then depression. We each battle depression in some form. Typically mild or situational. But there are those who suffer much deeper, sometimes leading to an apathy so severe that they can not get dressed for work or get out of bed.  

Then there is suicide. I won't even begin to act like I understand the causes of suicide or how to fix it. Maybe it is on the spectrum of depression, maybe it is something else.

Debt and depression

I do know that financial debt is a cause of anxiety and depression. During the most recent financial crisis 10 years ago, individuals not only took their own lives but their loved ones too. Most recently I read this sad article about a young boy who committed suicide due to 1,000 pounds of debt.

It's brutal and breaks my heart. That a young life could not find a way to break the cycle.

We in the personal finance blogosphere are here for many reasons. I hope we are here for self-motivation and to teach others. Help improve other's financial lives and hopefully their lives altogether. So keep on writing and speaking about the importance of good financial habits.

I ask that if you find yourself going down the deep hole of depression, anxiety, and potential suicide please seek help. Please talk to your loved ones or just go to the emergency room. Everyone is here for you. 

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