Hello, today’s interview is with Reggie Hill, author of Lakewood and Sunshine.


Reggie is a Technology Startup Consultant and Financial/Retirement Planner. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a master’s degree in economics with a minor in Statistics.

He served in the ES Army Security Agency during the Vietnam Era. Reggie and Anita have been married 49 years and attended school together from the 1stgrade through graduation. Reggie’s favorite hobby is fishing in his 7-acre private lake at his home in Lakewood.


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Meet Reggie Hill


How did you become an author?


I wanted to preserve the memory of our wonderful cat and companion Sunshine. Since Anita and I were never able to have children, we missed out on the bedtime story joys. I wrote “Sunshine’s Excellent Adventures” to fill this void and teach children important lessons about life through the life of Sunshine.


Since we had no children, “Lakewood: Reggie and Anita’s Camelot” was written to preserve mine and Anita’s adventures during our 37 years at Lakewood our home.


You have a new book coming out; can you give us a sneak peek?


In the future, I plan to publish a book of my poetry. During my marriage of nearly 50 years, I have written many little love and other poems to Anita. These poems, by the way, are private and never will be published.


My new book will have many more poems about my home, Lakewood. Their focus will be on nature and the many wonderful, and not so wonderful, adventures with animals. Two huge male beavers, who attempted to setup residence at Lakewood 15 years apart will have their story told by poetry. These guys were huge, beautiful, and magnificent engineers, but posed a great threat to the structure of the damn and trees around the lake.


Is writing side hustle or your main gig?


Was a side gig, now becoming my main gig. Since my wife Anita had a stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, and former cancer victim, I must find ways to keep my mind active and tuned to positive outlets like writing to preserve my mental health.


It is difficult for me to travel and consult given Anita’s condition, so writing has become not only my outlet, but hopefully a source of income.


What is one thing you have learned being a successful author?


Patience with oneself is mandatory in my opinion if you choose to write. One is tempted to tell it all quickly, but writing is like learning and practicing any other profession. Time must pass to develop one’s stories if they are to have the depth and illumination required to keep a reader’s attention and interest.


Time must pass to develop one’s stories if they are to have the depth and illumination required to keep a reader’s attention and interest. - Reggie Hill, author. Click To Tweet


What is one mistake you made that you wish you could change?


I wish that I had written my books earlier. These books generate a constant source of joy for me as my readers and professional book reviewers reflect to me their joy and inspirations gained in reading them.


What advice would you give someone starting out?


Write about what you know and have experienced. Be patient with yourself. Outline your goals and objectives for writing your stories in advance of beginning the writing of your work.


You may want to consider seeking the encouragement of personal and professional friends and associates early on.


What are you most proud of?


My marriage. Anita and I will celebrate our 50th “Golden Anniversary” on 9/29/18. I am also very proud of my careers. I have helped my consulting clients build many successful and profitable enterprises.


I have helped my retirement clients plan safe retirements for themselves, multiply their wealth and develop successful transfer plans for their wealth to family members, charities, and loved ones.


Many authors and bloggers have trouble finding time to write. Do you have any tips?


Sleep less. You can rest for eternity in heaven. Life is a great adventure. Don’t squander your time. My view is that that are countless ways to create wealth, but no way to create time. Give your time to the people you love. That way you are giving them a piece of your life.


What authors are you digging right now? And why?


Enjoy reading Deepak Chopra. He is a great expert on eastern and western medicine and especially eastern philosophy.


What suggestion do you have for people that are looking for ideas or inspiration for stories?


Review and savor your past. Pray for inspiration and guidance. Our lives are like books so “tell your story.”


What advice do you have for authors looking to get published?


Contact “Christian Faith Publishing”. They are consummate professionals who have the expertise and experience to take you from the beginning to the end of publishing your story.


What are you looking forward to?


More time with Anita, fishing at Lakewood, and writing. Anita and I have done a great deal of traveling in years past but are no longer able to do because of Anita’s illnesses.


I read and reread my books to Anita because without her there would be no stories to tell.


Any upcoming projects you are working on?


Another book featuring my poems surrounding mine and Anita’s adventures at Lakewood


What are some of your reviewer saying about your books?


I’ve had some terrific reviews by many readers which is rewarding as an author to know we’ve touched someone on a personal level. Here are a few in particular:


Brief, wholly memorable, warm, and rich in love and faith and hope and recollections, this is one of those inimitable books that somehow refocuses our minds on what is beauty and what is love and what is a meaningful life. Highly recommended.” Grady Harp, Top 100 Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer


This little book gives its reader something very unique, a place to retreat, far from the madding crowd. The memories, old photographs and anecdotes Reggie shares, and the visions of the natural world which share Lakewood with him make it very special, a book not just to sit on the book shelf but to be carried around until its pages curl and it becomes part of your life. I loved it!”  Susan Keefe, Midwest Book Review


You’ll find by book’s end that you love Sunshine so much you may want to adopt a cat or dog of your own. But this children’s book is exceptional in how it tells an enchanting story while encouraging young people how to love and be loved. “Sunshine’s Excellent Adventure” is a great beginning volume to a series of books about a cuddly, lovable cat. Put a little Sunshine in your life.”  John Kelly, Detroit Free Press


Throughout his work, Hill’s sense of wonder and gratitude for Lakewood shines through most beautifully. I particularly enjoyed his nature essays, especially Lakewood’s Changing Face and his nostalgic salute to old friends, The Three Clowns. Lakewood: Reggie and Anita’s Camelot, a Gift from God is most highly recommended. A marvelous offering!” Readers’ Favorite, FIVE Stars


Where can we find out more about your books online?

  1. Amazon.com
  2. https://www.facebook.com/sunshinelakewood/
  3. WOCA Radio Interview
  4. Book Trailer Westwind
  5. Book Trailer by Publisher
  6. Norm Goldman of Book Pleasures Interview with Reggie Hill


If someone was having a hard time managing projects, is there a book or resource you would recommend?


The BIBLE. Matthew 11:28-30.

28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.


How important is fitness?


Extremely. As the Greeks said, “A healthy mind is a healthy body.” May not be correct quote


How do you find time to workout? Do you enjoy it? If not, how do you stay motivated?


As Nike says, “Just Do it.” In my opinion fitness is not a matter of choice but necessity. Physical exercise promotes and creates rather than takes away energy.


I have a Bow flex and Nordic Trac Cross Country machine in my basement. I also take many walks around Lakewood’s 50 acres.


What is the one thing you wish everyone knew?


That we all have a story to tell. We should pass this story on to others.


How to appreciate and savor your memories.


Thank you, Reggie Hill, for your candid and heartfelt answers. 


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