9.5 Reasons Why A Sharknado Movie Will Be Biting Back Soon


9.5 Reasons Why A Sharknado Movie
Will Be Biting Back Soon


Everything does have an ending and supposedly The Last Sharknado 6: It’s About Time was, well, the last one.


But Flying Sharks! Chainsaw Shark kills! Circular Hand Saw Skark kills! Space Sharks! Get Eaten and Chainsaw Your Way Out of Shark kills! These just can’t end!


I believe, without a doubt, that an actual Sharknado movie will rise from the oceans and bite again. Here are the reasons why.

I)  Sharknado is a multicultural worldwide phenomenon. Everyone I know has either watched the Sharknado movies or pretty much knows all about them.


Of course you know about Sharknado right? The 6 movies have all been made by The Asylum for exclusive release on the SyFy Channel. In the movies a tornado is strong enough to pick up sharks out of the ocean and disperse them on land where they attack people as the sharks reach landfall. The bystanders frantically try to fend off the sharks and they and the famous guest stars die horrible dramatic deaths. Yes, THAT Sharknado.


The franchise is almost as well known as Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and even Jaws. If you watch Shark Week on The Syfy Channel or if you were on Twitter in July of 2013 you know all about the Sharknado phenomenon.


2) It’s the Sharknado! You can’t kill the Sharknado any more than you can kill Chuck Norris. Even if you defeat it, it will come back to try to kick your butt over and over again Rocky Balboa style but with teeth.


No, no, not like Mike Tyson though. The SHARKS do the biting here. Again and again for 6 movies. I personally think the sharks were just trying to make Free Willy jealous with all the sequels. But hey, why not make a few more of them to push him right over the seawall?


3) The Asylum has recently posted a Sharknado question on Twitter. They asked “who was your favorite guest star?” Are they trying to get a feel for what type of guest stars the fans want to have this time around for Sharknado 7?


Was that Tweet also a feeler to see which guest stars might be interested in a cameo for the next movie? Maybe, maybe not. Only time and bizarre weather phenomena will tell.


4) The writer for Sharknado 1-4, Thunder Levin, has not left any substantial clues on social media that I could find. I was able to score a signed copy of the script for the first Sharknado movie though. By “score” I mean I gave him tons of money for it.


Scotty Mullen, who wrote Sharknado 5 & 6, did share a Happy Sharksgiving meme for the holiday. Does that really mean anything though?


Anthony C. Ferrante, the director for all of the Sharknados, has not left any clues on his Twitter account either. He has mostly Tweeted about the wild and wacky adventures of Zee, his pet Zombie toy.


Which brings up a question I have always wanted to know the answer to. Are Zombie Sharks any more dangerous than regular Sharknado Sharks? Comment and let me know what you think.


5) It’s a numbers game. While doing research for this blog I surprisingly could not find anything about the viewership numbers or Nielsen Ratings for Sharknado 6. Either my Google skills are completely lacking or this is the type of conspiracy that would start a Sharknado in the first place.


6) The Reboot. I truly think this is going to be a complete reboot. New actors. New characters. New half eaten body parts. It will be a fresh meat look at a well time traveled storyline.


I also don’t see any way that they could logically continue the story directly from the end of Sharknado 6. But what does logic have to do with the Sharknado movies anyway? It is all about the pure entertainment.

7) The Reboot 2. The Asylum, which makes the movies, could switch it up and move forward with a Gatornado movie or something similar.


They have also produced the movie 5-Headed Shark Attack and another called Mega Shark Versus Crocosaurus. Anything is possible while hanging out in a straightjacket at The Asylum.


Supposedly gators have, in real life, have been transported by a tornado in the past. But I don’t believe what I read on them there inter webs much anyway. Did the gators have to say “Beam me up Scotty” first I wonder?


8) Follow me on this now. The name of the main character in Sharknado is Fin Shepard. A new character on Z Nation Season 5 name is Finn played by Ben Whitehair. Sharknado and Z Nation are both produced by The Asylum.


Could this actor be the next Fin in a reboot of Sharknado? In essence is he Fin #2 and that is why Finn is spelled with 2 n’s? Anyfinn is possible right?


9) Let’s take this one step further. Anastasia Baranova, who plays Addy who is a very popular character on Z Nation, is a long time friend of Ben Whitehair. They had great chemistry together onscreen. Could she be the next April Wexler? Could that Z Nation episode have been a trial run to see how well they work together?


9.5) I don’t know for sure but the Sharknado Franchise is not something I believe The Asylum and the SyFy Channel could walk away from so easily. Nothing else in their repertoire has caught fire like this one.


Replacing it as easily as sharks replace their teeth will not be simple. I am here to say that I fully believe 100% that the Sharknado’s teeth will be replaced with a newer, sharper and “bitier” reboot of the franchise.


Till the next Sharknado or Zombie Apocalypse occurs, this is BrianZFandom, the Zombie Freak.

Thank you Brian for another great post. 


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