Real estate is a controversial subject. Does it belong on your balance sheet? Is it a liability or an asset? Does it make sense to own versus renting?

This week, we are going to tear into the hard questions about real estate. There may be debates, and I can’t guarantee that everyone will have the same opinion.

Some of the questions we will be asking and answering is:

  • Is Real Estate an asset? Land appreciates, property tends to go up in value faster than inflation. Desirable areas are tremendous wealth-building opportunities.
  • Is Real Estate a liability? There’s maintenance. Repair. The cost may outweigh any profit.
  • Should you invest in real estate?
  • Why is the purchase of Real Estate so emotionally charged?
  • When are the three times the value of Real Estate matters?
  • Why is it a recommended diversification strategy for asset allocation and investments?
  • What is the passion that surrounds real estate?
  • Does Buying Rental Properties With an LLC Really Protect You?

Television is full of flip this, sell that, and everyone is talking about owning property. The personal finance community has opinions as well. Buy, don’t rent. Rent, don’t buy. Rent and have rentals. Buy and don’t have rentals.

Real Estate is so much more than just a flat piece of land.

Please join us to talk about real estate. I have special guest posts planned by Rich from and Dr. Linus at We have interviews planned with top real estate professionals, plus tips on what resources are available to help you save up for your down payment. By the end of the week, you will be able to discuss real estate like a pro, debating the assets and liabilities, and best of all, know if property ownership is right for you.

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