Protect Your Money

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What’s scarier than a horror movie?

The seemingly never-ending supply of crooks, bullies, boogymen, and pied pipers that want to take a bite out of your hard-earned cash!

If its one thing geeks hate it is a bully!!! So, we are going channel our inner superhero, dawn a cap, grab some batman shark repellant and help you protect your lunch money. (And your savings while we are at it)

Protecting Your Money 

Protecting your money is all about financial preparedness. (Think of it like financial prepping)

Here we discuss ways to build a financial preparedness plan such as;

  • Asset protection
  • Estate planning
  • Tax planning
  • Disaster planning
  • Emergency funds
  • Insurance
  • Avoiding bad advice
  • Zombie preparedness (You can never be too safe)