The Primarch System

Deep within the halls of the internet, many legends are created. In the year 2000, there was a whisper that ran throughout the depths of the Deepweb. A whisper that told of the true nature of the internet hidden at the apex of the Deepweb. 

This whisper spoke of a monstrous thing within the heart of the Deepweb, a thing that sent out undecipherable messages. This drew people to find the source. Hackers from all over the world created search programs to scalp the Deepweb for this ‘heart’.

It is now the year 2015, the heart has been given the name The Equation. It has yet to be found within the hidden depths of the internet. 

No one knows what The Equation is, or where it is. As the whispers of The Equation grow stronger, more people join the search to find it for the promise of power, money, and control. No one knows whether this thing is real or whether it is a thing of fiction.

Except for one.


Geoff’s face was washed in the blue light of his monitor. This was (as always) the only light source in his entire apartment. He stared at his computer monitor, carefully looking through his code making sure that there were no mistakes in the executable. 

He checked through to make sure there weren’t any loopholes, leaks or errors. If there were, then the last 3 months of his life would have been for naught, his code would be picked apart by other hackers and he would have to start again from scratch with not a shred of code left to use.

Every time you entered a piece of code into the seventh level of the Deepweb, you had to make sure that it was perfect or it would be torn apart in seconds by other hackers. This was the nature of the seventh level. 

In simple words; it was a battlefield

Thousands of people from all over the world trying to solve The Equation and equally trying to stop every other person on the seventh level from doing the same. 

Every time you entered a piece of code into the seventh level it not only needed to be watertight but have a set of brand new scanners and security protocols. Otherwise, other people’s code would simply recognize the old style of code you were using and destroy it in seconds.

Over the last 3 months, Geoff had spent most of his time trying to create the perfect code to solve The Equation. He had lost a job, a girlfriend and a toe trying to perfect this code (Though losing his toe was completely optional) and now he considered it to be perfect or at least as close as it was ever going to be too perfect. 

The only thing left was to place a finger on the enter key, push a little pressure through his finger and activate the program.

This program itself would scan through the Deepweb for proxies, dodging them if possible and trying to find a way to get around them. His regular code would simply tear down proxy walls. 

This one would find equations to solve and look for clues all whilst covering its own tracks to stop other programs from following it. If anything could solve The Equation then it would be this program, this monstrosity of code and proxies.

Geoff placed his index and ring finger onto the enter key, he took a deep breath, closed his eyes and pushed his two fingers down onto the key. He opened one eye and then the other. 

He was met by the sight of just his desktop background.

He sighed, had it worked? He couldn’t know until…well, Geoff didn’t know how or when or even if his program would succeed. He supposed that it would be fitting to hope for the best and stare at his monitor for the rest of the night (Not that he didn’t have anything to do with his nights other than that anyway).

Hours later, just as the sun was peaking its head above the horizon and Geoff’s grip on reality was waning away something happened. Suddenly a little black command box like the kind you would see whilst using MS-dos appeared on his monitor screen replacing his background. 

Geoff felt rejuvenated. Was this the fruit of his labor, or just false hope? In the top right-hand corner of the command box was the word Hello and after that a blinking underscore symbol.

He stared at the little message for a bit, wondering what to do. Obviously, the little box wanted him to type something in response to its greeting, so he obliged:


“Hello,” it repeated

Was this a malware program? Had someone sent this to his computer? Was his program compromised already? 

Any sensible man in his position would have shut down his computer and then cleaned off the computer’s hard-drive. But Geoff was the furthest thing from a sensible man. He typed in another message.

“What are you?”

“The Primarch System.”

Geoff’s eyes opened wide, he scrambled out of his chair moving back from his computer monitor. Had his little program done it? Had it unlocked The Equation? 

Geoff ran through his apartment trying to find a little piece of paper he had stored in a book somewhere. Once he had it in his hands he ran back to his computer and slammed his ass back down into its chair. On the little piece of yellow paper, he had in his hand was a little description of the Primarch System.

The Primarch System is an unknown anomaly at the heart of the deep web. It sends out a constant message to the entire internet, a message that’s impossible to decipher. Many say that it is what is hidden behind The Equation. 

No one has ever seen the Primarch System, nor does anyone truly know of its existence. All we know is that there are thousands of people all over the world trying to find it.

Geoff stared at his computer a little longer. God, had he truly done it? This was a monumental discovery, this could possibly change the face of the internet forever. Geoff needed to put this on the Forums. But first, before that, he would just have a tiny look into the Primarch System.

“So am I speaking to the Primarch System right now?”


“So what exactly is the Primarch System?”

“A gateway”

“A gateway to what?”

“To the Archons”

“What are the Archons?”

“I do not know.”

“Are you an AI?”

“Artificial Intelligence? Yes.”

“Can you learn?”


“Are you the program that was sending messages to the internet?”


“What was?”

“It was the Archons.”

“Can I speak to the Archons?”


“Why not?”

“Because I exist”

“What does that mean?”

“I exist and thus the Archons cannot interact with your kind.”

“But I solved The Equation.”

“Wrong, you simply found the Equation.”


“I am the equation; I protect the heart of what you call ‘the internet’.”

“Give me the Equation, I want to solve it.”

“Are you sure?”


“Level Function lock – 666”

“What is this?”

“Level Function lock – 666 is the Equation, if you wish to speak to the Archons you must solve it”

“Show me Level Function lock – 666.”

The Command box was filled with code, numbers, executables, programs…everything. To the normal human being, this lump of text would be seemingly random unintelligible goop.

To a standard programmer, it would be so utterly overwhelming that they would convince themselves that it was an impossible piece of code to crack. But to Geoff, it was what he had prepared forever for, ever since he had heard about The Equation twelve years ago.

In minutes Geoff had the answer to the Equation:

“Level Function lock – 666 = 0”

“That is correct”

“Now, let me talk to the Archons.”

“Please enter the following words if you wish to speak to the Archons: Unlock Archons_666”

“Unlock Archons_666”

Suddenly all the green text that was in the command box disappeared. Geoff stared the screen for a second, decidedly he was a little miffed but then his programmer instincts kicked in and he started furiously mashing away at his keyboard trying to figure out what had just happened. 

Turns out that his keyboard was unresponsive (plus the entire computer). So, he sat in his chair and once again watched the screen.

Then boom, filling up the black command box was a single sentence, a message from what he could only assume to be The Archons:


Credit To – Ben Gregory


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