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Pokemon Nate

Pokemon Nate

This is a story… The Story of Zack it was Friday witch is the day zacks orderd copy of Pokemon Channel was supposed to be deliverd when he got home from school there was a Package on the doorstep so he picked it up and ran downstairs into his bassment were he has all of his gaming stuff he but the Pokemon channel disk into the gamecube he started a new game zack never actually owned a pokemon game but herd some good things about it so he was kindof a noob he named his Picachu  Bob one of the most Clishe names of all time he atfirst ran into a wild Charzard such luch but the wild Charzard had only about 7 points of health so he was cappcherd easy peasy but why only 7 health then zack came across a pokeTrainer named nate zack battled against nates level 128 squrtle  bob (picachu) fainted bit instead of fainted the game said murderd and there was a mini slideshow or picachu’s mangeld corpes zack never played before so he thought it was normal but not completly apropriate for kids his age he kept playing then he crossed nate the next ingame day bob even after the slideshow was fine but had a permanent splash of blood on his body again zack thought it was normal when he ran into nate a text box appeard and read: So Player how was your first day of pokemon? Like nate new he was a virteral charcter and zack was the player zack was a bit scared but it was a game what could possibly happen so he kept going then nate said: its ok i won’t hurt you yesterday i was just playing are we cool.zack replied yes so nate told him to follow having a strange felling in his gut zack obayed then nate said:by the way dont ever leave oreles ok or i will destroy this world so you can never play again or we might kill you zzaackkkkk£ zack felt scared turned of the game cube and went to bed he had dreams of nate laughing infront of flames and corpeses or peole in the morning zack had the erge to play the game to see if nate did what he said…. Zack was reported dead 18 hours later with his thumbs cut off and scrached up arms
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