What could be more entertaining than your main job being tasked with chasing through the city to collect Pikachu?

Full of fun-loving colorful characters, Pokémon fan games have been loved by many over the years. They have gone through several evolutions of changes, including new world, scenery, storylines, and of course, Pokémon. Not only are these addicting games, but they also encompass all aspects of an exceedingly popular fandom.

The Pokémon fandom is a massive force in and of itself! It is no wonder that there are so many Pokémon fan games that it was hard to choose our favorites! However, there are a few that had shined a bit brighter amongst the rest.

Grab all your Pokeballs! Here is our list of the top 10 best Pokémon fan gams ever made!

Top 10 Best Pokémon Fan Games

Pokémon Prism

Prism is essentially a ROM-hack of Pokémon Crystal, from the Game Boy Color.

You’ll need to make sure you’ve got an emulator or a cartridge to play Prism, but it’s well worth it once you get it all set up.

The game begins with the son/daughter of the famous Dragon Trainer, Lance, playing in a minecart, when suddenly, the minecart loses control and flies down an old track into the region of Naljo.

Once in the region, players quickly adopt a Lavitar and set off into Nakjo to collect 20 gym badges and end up running into over 200 different species of Pokémon.

The game contains mini-games, elemental types, and the awesome ability to play as your Pokémon!

Play Pokémon Prism

Pokémon 3D

Pokémon 3D is a fascinating fan-made game that simulates the Pokémon world in a 3D pop-up art concept.

The game features explorable 3D environments where players can interact with and battle other trainers and Pokémon from all around the world. The gameplay itself is in real-time.

In the game, players take direct control of their Pokémon’s movements and attack sequences, each having their own cool off periods. Players also have the choice to retreat from any encounter if they are worried about their Pokémon becoming exhausted.

As far as Pokémon to catch? There are tons!

While traveling across the stunning terrain, you can take your pick which Pokémon you choose to fight and catch, and which ones you choose to ignore. They present a plethora of options, so don’t be afraid to pass some up!

Pokémon 3D first came on the scene in 2015, and players witnessed regular game updates until the original site was taken down. However, Pokémon 3D is still going strong today. This is definitely a game that is worth checking out.

Play Pokémon 3D

Pokémon Reborn

Pokémon Reborn is one of the lengthiest games on the list with over 55 hours of gameplay! It is also the first fan-made game on the list that is not a ROM; instead, it’s made in an RPG Maker.

Reborn takes place in Reborn City, a polluted metropolis plagued with crime, and has fallen far from its glory days.

In comes the Pokémon trainer! In this game, they are tasked with collaborating with one and another to put a stop to the evil organization that has taken control of the city.

Reborn features 18 different gyms to do battle in, one for each type, and introduces Field Effects. These can be used to change the battlefield around in favor of certain types of Pokémon, either for a limited amount of turns or the entire battle!

Donning the RPG maker, it has much higher resolution sprites, an abundance of vibrant colors, and an enormous world to explore.

Play Pokémon Reborn

Pokémon Godra

Godra differs from other Pokémon fan-made games in the fact that it actually puts more emphasis on the trainers instead of the Pokémon.

In this popular ROM, trainers can choose from a plethora of career paths. As a trainer, you can choose to be a Trainer Coalition Leader, a Military General, a Safari Zone Warden, and a handful of other entertaining options.

If you enjoy playing all the different versions of Pokémon, such as Red, Blue, Gold & Silver, then you’ll be pleased to know that Pokémon Godra includes a wide variety of Pokémon from the originals.

Not only do players have new maps, quests, and storylines for you to enjoy, but trainers are also able to explore the two different halves of the map, Western & Eastern. Each section has its own unique storylines and missions to conquer!

Play Pokémon Godra

Pokémon Dark Rising

Described as feeling like the “Dark Souls of Pokémon,” Dark Rising follows a young trainer in the Core Region.

The story begins when you fall into a deep sleep and start experiencing a strange dream, where you’re introduced to a peculiar Pokémon that you’ve never seen before. The Pokémon ends up chooses you as its trainer, and you will go and save the world together!

Take note; the game difficulty level is quite high, so finding the first gym leader may be a challenge!

Pokémon Dark Rising starts with all Dragon-Types and spans the first five generations of Pokémon.

Play Pokémon Dark Rising

Pokémon Ash Gray

If you’re a fan of Pokémon Fire-Red, then this game needs to go on your list!

Trainers assume control of the original grandmaster, Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, and follow the path he took on the original Pokémon TV show.

You will meet up with old friends, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu, and work your way through the game, eventually ending up at Elite 4.

Ash Gray has made things far more difficult than Fire-Red. So, you can expect stronger enemies, harder gym battles, and redrawn maps. It will undoubtedly be a challenging adventure back to where it all began!

Play Pokémon Ash Gray

Pokémon Light Platinum

Seen as one of the most complete Pokémon ROM’s to date, Pokémon Light Platinum pits old-generation and new-generation against each other.

Light Platinum is based on Pokémon Ruby and features a variety of Pokémon, regions, gyms, and an elite level of graphics.

Platinum has definitely done its due diligence with keeping its players entertained. In addition to the 16 badges up for grabs, trainers are also able to compete in two Pokémon leagues and a World Championship.

Light Platinum deserves a spot on the list due to all that it offers.  All of the above and a familiar alternative to some of the original Pokémon games will be right at your fingertips.

Play Pokémon Light Platinum

Pokémon Phoenix Rising

Pokémon Phoenix Rising is a fan-made game that has been developed using RPG Maker XP and a selection of Pokémon from the Pokémon Essentials Engine.

The game is set in Hawthorne, a war-torn region that is under the mercy of a tyrannical King. Trainers are tasked with finding and resurrecting the legendary Ho-oh, which will restore peace and harmony to the region.

Phoenix Rising also offers a variety of impressive features that are not found in any other Pokémon game.

You can expect to see choice-based outcomes that have an overall effect on the story, and a quest-system that organizes in-game events. Phoenix Rising also has skill-trees, which have perks designed for different player's styles.

Phoenix Rising also includes new towns, stories, and Pokémon. This one will keep you entertained for hours on end!

Play Pokémon Phoenix Rising

Pokémon Uranium

Attempting to uncover the events of a nuclear explosion in the Tandor region, a young Pokémon trainer sets off on his journey of discovery. The trainer quickly faces some strange occurrences and an irradiated Pokémon.

The game features over 150 original Pokémon, plus some new “nuclear” additions.

Trainers set off to obtain eight badges and defeat the Tandor league. During their journey, they come across a dangerous threat to both Pokémon and humans, which has been triggering meltdowns throughout the region.

Uranium took nine-years to develop before it was finally released in 2016. It went on to be recognized as one of the most popular Pokémon fan games ever!

Play Pokémon Uranium

Pokémon Insurgence

This fan-made Pokémon game was created using RPG Maker XP and is set in a region by the name of Torren.

Unlike previous Pokémon games, Insurgence takes a turn for the dark side. Cults and thugs, amongst others, have infiltrated and are warring with each other to obtain world domination.

The game includes some exciting new and highly requested features. This includes trainer-customization, mega evolutions, secret bases, and creative delta species. The delta species gives players the ability to mix two species of Pokémon together to create a brand-new Pokémon! That alone makes me want to play!

Pokémon Insurgence provides players with limitless options and opportunities to enjoy. With 720 Pokémon, generation 1-6, you can spend ample time exploring the region and trying to catch them all!

Play Pokémon Insurgence

Pokémon Fan Games

If you are a lover of Pokémon or are just curious about the fandom, you cannot go wrong with any section of games on this fan-made Pokémon games list.

You have a full array of gaming styles and settings to choose from, ranging from the lighthearted and colorful to the dark and mysterious. The Pokémon games on this list genuinely cover a full range of interests that will keep you wishing you had more Pokeballs to throw.

So grab your favorite trainer hat, pick a game, and embark on a new quest to capture them all!

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