Obi-Wan, You’re My Only Soap, Dr. Squatch’s ‘Star Wars’ Collection is a Must-Have

The Star Wars prequel era is in its renaissance. Not only have new prequel era action figures been released this year as part of the Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary celebration, but now you can lather up with some of your favorite Jedi and Sith Lords.

Earlier this month, Dr. Squatch unveiled a brand new soap collection in collaboration with Disney and Star Wars. This four-bar collection is only here for a limited time and you do not want to miss out on these!

Obi-Wan, You’re My Only Soap, Dr. Squatch’s Star Wars Collection is a Must-Have

Dr. Squatch Star Wars Soap

The Dr. Squatch team is clearly followers of the Force because they captured the essence of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Darth Vader, and Darth Maul and turned them into four uniquely inspired bars of soap. The individual soaps are packaged in color-coordinated boxes that feature datapad entries that explain the scents and ingredients utilized. And yes, I did chuckle when I saw that Darth Vader’s soap smells like Chokeberries.

You won’t have to choose between the Light of the Jedi or the Path of the Dark Side, as the soaps come as a collection of four. In addition to being deliciously scented soaps, the packaging is show-stopping. The collection comes in gorgeously designed packaging, with each soap fitted into a themed slot. Beneath each bar of soap is an image of the associated lightsaber for each of the characters.

The Sith-inspired character bars (Dark Side Scrub and Ruthless Rinse) are formulated with exfoliating sand to provide a heavy-duty wash whereas the Jedi-inspired character bars (Only Hope Soap and Wisdom Wash) are pure and refreshing scents, featuring soothing ingredients like Bentonite Clay.

Only Hope Soap

Dr. Squatch Star Wars Soap

With a swirling blue and brown design, this bar pays tribute to the legendary Obi-Wan Kenobi, clad in Jedi robes as he wields his blue lightsaber. With a pure, refreshing scent, Only Hope Soap features thyme leaf and bentonite clay for a soothing and detoxifying rinse that will lead the way to truly clean skin.

Wisdom Wash

Dr. Squatch Star Wars Soap

Influenced by the wisdom and serenity of Master Yoda, this soothing green bar will calm your mind and clear your thoughts. It features skin-nourishing lotus leaves and a fresh, herbaceous scent that will energize your senses.

Dark Side Scrub

Dr. Squatch Star Wars Soap

Inspired by the all-powerful Darth Vader, this tempting red and black swirl bar will have you in its grip with rejuvenating chokeberry, exfoliating sand, and detoxifying coconut charcoal. The rich and smoky amber scent will fill your shower with the power of the dark side.

Ruthless Rinse

Dr. Squatch Star Wars Soap

Made with restorative dragonfruit and exfoliating black sand, this fiery red bar embodies Darth Maul’s rage and power. The spicy, energizing aromas will inspire you to take on the world.

Harness the power of The Force and pick up Dr. Squatch’s Star Wars Collection for just $32.

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