Team Ninja Isn’t Working on Ninja Gaiden and Has ‘No Plans’ To Make a New Installment

As part of an interview with VGC, Nioh director, Fumihiko Yasuda of Team Ninja revealed that a new Ninja Gaiden game is not in development, despite wanting to revisit the series at some point in the future. The interview goes into a lot about the company's recent hit, Nioh and its sequel, Nioh 2, but also touches on the current state of the beloved Ninja Gaiden.

In regards to whether the team has plans for a new Ninja Gaiden game, Yasuda said “[there are] no plans currently, but I’ve always wanted to make a new instalment in the series, so here’s hoping for that!” Yasuda also acknowledged that Ninja Gaiden has a history on Microsoft's platforms, stating “of course the Ninja Gaiden series has had a long history on Microsoft‘s consoles. So if there was to be a new title in the Ninja Gaiden series in the future, we’d definitely like that to be on Xbox consoles.”

The most recent iterations of Ninja Gaiden came to Xbox platforms, starting with Ninja Gaiden for the original Xbox in 2004, Ninja Gaiden II for Xbox 360 in 2008, and finally Ninja Gaiden 3 for Xbox 360 in 2012. Though, certain versions of these games have made their way to other platforms in the form of revamped versions for PS3, PS Vita, and even Wii U.

But of course, Ninja Gaiden didn't start on Xbox. It began as a 2D action platformer for arcades in 1988 and made a name for itself on the NES that same year, staring a ninja named Ryu Hayabusa. The first game is fondly remembered for its cinematic cutscenes as well as its unforgiving difficulty.

The last mainline entry in the series is the aforementioned Ninja Gaiden 3, but this installment was not as beloved as others. In fact, many critics found issues with its combat, technical performance, and story. Since Ninja Gaiden 3, Team Ninja has worked on a series of hit games including the Dead or Alive series, Hyrule Warriors, Nioh, Nioh 2, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order for Nintendo Switch.

Recently, Yasuda spoke with IGN and said, “the core members of the team that worked on Ninja Gaiden want to make a new game. We are aware that some fans wanted Ninja Gaiden more than Nioh 2. Now we see a lot of ninja games like [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice] as well, and we see a lot of good inspirations in those games, so we hope to deliver some good news one day.”

Source: VGC

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