Nintendo Switch Has Outsold the 3DS, Reaching 79.87 Million Units Sold

Nintendo released financial results for the period ending December 31, 2020, giving us updated sales figures on hardware and software. Most notably, the Nintendo Switch has reached 79.87 million units sold, outpacing the likes of the 3DS (which sits at around 75.94 million units). It managed to do this in just under four years on the market, making it one of the bestselling consoles Nintendo has produced.

With that in mind, the Switch is well on track to outpace the Nintendo Wii, which is currently around 101 million units sold since its release in 2006. These recent sales stats incorporate all Switch models including the base version and the Switch Lite (the handheld-only iteration). The base model (and the slightly improved version with HAC-001(01) model number) have sold 66.34 million units, while the Switch Lite has sold 13.53 million units, which is almost as much as the Wii U.

In the previous quarter alone (October 2020 – December 2020), the Switch sold 11.57 million units, up 7% year-on-year.

In many territories, the Nintendo Switch has topped the sales charts month after month — and in places like the United States — has been the bestselling console for the the past 25 consecutive months. We'll see if that trend continues when January 2021 NPD results go live later this month.

At 79.87 million systems sold, the Nintendo Switch is also well on its way to outsell the Game Boy Advance, (81.51 million). After the Wii, the next bestselling piece of Nintendo hardware is the Game Boy family of systems, which have sold 118.69 million. If the Switch continues at the pace it's going, it could very well catch up to the lifetime sales of the Game Boy.

All of this news comes alongside a report from Bloomberg, with information about the long-rumored Switch Pro (or enhanced Switch model). Specifically, Nintendo President, Shuntaro Furukawa, said the company isn't planning to announce a new Switch model any time soon. While this might come as a surprise, it doesn't necessarily rule out an announcement later this year.

Either way, things are looking great for Nintendo thanks to its tremendous hardware and software sales last year.

Source: Nintendo

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