Nightmare (A Max Payne Creepypasta) (My First Attempt)

Have you ever heard of a game named "Max Payne 2"? It came out in 2003, I believe as a anticipated sequel to a 2001 third person shooter. Max Payne was the first M-rated game I played and It was less of a game and more of a experience. Anyways, I started Max Payne 2 the same way I did everyday. I played through a level until I got bored. I looked online for some mods. I found a mod named "Absent Grave" I looked at it. It was a simple Zombie mod so I downloaded it. I ran the mod the same way I always run mods on Max Payne 2 but was Greeted with a black screen. So I opened the task manager and closed the game to try again. Same thing, then it told me that Max Payne 2 isn't responding so I fixed it going into the setup-options menu by turning Post Process Effects on. The game started as normal had a cool little Zombie theme to the menu but no music. I looked at the maps, One was named "Nightmare". I opened it. It started at a level in the first game Roscoe Street Station except there was game-like blood all over the platform and Max's head looks slightly crooked. I figure this is probably just a bad model so I kept going. I saw a black door so I ran for it. When it opened, The screen flickered. So I figured Ok maybe The computer cant handle this mod. I kept going and saw my first zombie in a tight corridor. There was no music but I kept hearing this zombie-like growl and it sounded a lot like "Help Me" But all I had was a baseball bat so I went to go swing it at the zombie but Then Bullet time activated and I was teleported back to the platform, this time there was a large quantity of dead bodies on the platform. I was given a pistol so I went to shoot the zombie this time. I shot it and it died but made a loud scream. I kept going past where I killed the zombie and The game froze for a split second. I was kicked to the desktop for 5 minutes and then it maxmized the game. I was standing on the platform again but with blood all over my model and the model staring at the screen. I hit every button, Nothing worked. So I just went to go get something to eat while it stayed like that. When I came back, I moved the mouse, I was in control again and There was another door that was white this time so, I went for the white door, I was greeted by 4 zombie models and a Mona model. The zombies model killed Mona and she Let out a loud scream, The zombies saw me and I was once again transported to the platform. This time, Mona's body that had a arm missing was in front of me. I typed in god in the cheats and decided to go for the white door again so I shot all the zombies and saw a light so I walked towards it but then the game froze and kicked me to the desktop again but then quickly resumed. In Red Letters It Said The Definition of Insanity is Doing the same thing over and over. Enter The Black Door This Time To Overcome The Nightmare. I thought whoever made this is most likely just trying to get me on a jump scare. So I Entered the white door instead, this time the only thing I had was a molotov. As soon as I hit the door, Max Dropped the molotov and burned himself alive. A Loud laugh was heard and In Big Red letters, It Said I WARNED YOU. Then I was kicked to the desktop once again, My Desktop had changed to Max Payne burnt corpse on the platform full with blood with Big Red Letters next to it saying, I Warned You. I looked for the mod but It was removed from My Maxpayne2 Directory and so was my saved games. I did look through my screenshots though and I came across a disturbing image of Mona's model naked and ripped to shreds. I know Max Payne 2 Modding, all of this could be done in a mod but Why did it change my wallpaper and take screenshots? Why is my computer flickering? Why Didn't I listen to the modder? Why in my dreams, My girlfriend is being burned alive. What Is Reality anymore? Maybe Downloading it was a dream in itself. But Then I See that Absent Grave was downloaded ? days ago. In the next few days, Max Payne 2 kept freezing up and flickering till it finally crashed permanently. The Directory was deleted and replaced with one image: Mona and Max's Body charred up and burnt underneath train tracks in Roscoe Street Station. I keep having the same dreams. I woke up this morning to a fire truck. Is a sign of things to come or has my mind eluded me. I am not Max Payne and My girlfriend is not Mona Sax But This is my nightmare….
Credit To – NYC'sOwnFury
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Not much is known about Brian Z. Some say it's because he is secretly preparing for the Z poc, others say it's because of the "incident" at Chicago Walker Stalker Con. All that we know for certain is he loves sci-fi, horror, and zombies.

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