New ‘Rocky’ and ‘Creed’ Merch from Fanattik Announced Ahead of 45th Anniversary

The popular British geek merchandizer Fanattik has signed a pan-European gift and homeware license with MGM for the Rocky franchise. The new knockout collection will debut on Fanattik's site on April 17th, ahead of the franchise's 45th anniversary this year. Fans of Rocky Balboa are in for a treat with this line of merchandise. 

The Rocky and Creed franchise has remained a global phenomenon because it presents moviegoers with universally relatable themes that they can identify with — ambition, passion, determination, and giving it your all to be a champion, even when the odds are against you. MGM’s Rocky and Creed films have generated more than $1.3 billion in worldwide box-office sales, three Academy Awards, and 10 nominations. As the franchise marks its 45th anniversary it continues to be hotter than ever and inspire new generations of fans.

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The Fanattik range will include everything from a ‘Beat The Meat’ keyring to 24k gold-plated tickets to the famous fights featured in each of the films. The Initial range goes live on the Fanattik site on the 16th of April Rocky – Tagged “Rocky” – Fanattik

The Fanattik release is part of a year-long celebratory marketing and product campaign to mark this milestone anniversary.

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