Neil Gaiman’s ‘Anansi Boys’ Adaptation Ordered at Amazon Studios

Amazon Studios has announced that it has ordered a series adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s international best-selling novel Anansi Boys. The six-episode limited series will begin shooting in Scotland later this year, where Gaiman’s Good Omens is set to film its second season.

Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys Adaptation Ordered at Amazon Studios

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Anansi Boys follows Charlie Nancy, a young man who is used to being embarrassed by his estranged father. But when his father dies, Charlie discovers that his father was Anansi — a trickster god of stories. Through the course of the story, he learns that he has a brother, Spider, who enters his life determined to make it more interesting and a lot more dangerous.

Anansi Boys as a TV series has been a long time coming — I first started working with Endor and Red on making it over a decade ago. We needed Amazon Prime to come on board and embrace our vision, we needed a lead director with the craft and vision of Hanelle Culpepper, we needed the creative and technical wizardry of Douglas Mackinnon (who worked out how we could push the bounds of the possible to shoot a story set all over the world in a huge studio outside Edinburgh), and we needed the rest of the amazing talents that nobody knows about yet.” — Neil Gaiman

Amazon Studio’s Anansi Boys is a stand-alone story, that is not a sequel or spin-off to Gaiman’s novel American Gods, which was adapted by STARZ in 2017.

Anansi Boys began around 1996, from a conversation I had with Lenny Henry about writing a story that was diverse and part of the culture that we both loved.” Gaiman said in the press release. “I wrote a novel, an (I hope) joyous and funny book about a dead god and his two sons, about birds and ghosts and beasts and cops, based in Caribbean and African tales.  It was my first number one NYT Bestseller, and went on to become a beloved and award-winning book.”

Sir Lenny Henry also shared his thoughts on the announcement, “I’ve been a huge fan (and couch sleeping friend) of Neil Gaiman’s for over 30 years and I have loved being a part of the Anansi Boys creative team.  I love that we’re going to have a suitably diverse cast and crew to tell this joyous story! What’s great is that the whole production is listening and ensuring that inclusion is happening and is being seen to be done.”

Gaiman and Douglas Mackinnon will serve as executive producers and co-showrunners, with Gaiman and Sir Lenny Henry writing the series alongside Arvind Ethan David, Kara Smith, and Racheal Ofori. Hanelle M. Culpepper is set to direct the pilot, in addition to being an executive producer on the project. Other executive producers include Hilary Bevan Jones and Richard Fee, with Paul Frift as producer. Jermain Julien and Azhur Saleem are also set to direct episodes.

In addition to Gaiman’s Amazon Studio’s adaptations of Good Omens and Anansi Boys, the adaptation of his novel Sandman is currently in production with Netflix.

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