My Best Friend

My Best Friend

How did my life come to this? This was my Best Friend in the whole world and his family! Where do I go from here?

Let me start with how I met my bestie. We were in middle school. I was hanging with my girls when all of a sudden they were chasing down this little shrimp of a boy who was a grade behind us.

The school had a circular shape to the main part of the building with a wall separating the circle in half. The library and surrounding hall were on one half and the cafeteria took up the other half. There were 5 hallways off this circular middle area leading to classrooms and the office. 

My friends all took off in one direction around the circle, me not wanting to run and thinking it was a bit stupid to be chasing this kid down, I thought to cut him off and went the other direction around.

I caught him by the library door, grabbing him and stopping him from running any farther. In the process, his shirt got torn a little and he looked a bit scared. I told him not to worry, nobody was going to hurt him.

The principal saw me grab him and immediately took us into her office to talk to us. She thought I was bullying him but when we explained what was going on and that I had told him nobody was going to hurt him she started crying and let us go.  

From that moment on we were Best Friends!!

The rest of that year flew by. I was walking to his house pretty much every day, or getting off the bus at his house (my mom had written a note to my bus driver saying I had permission to be dropped off at my friend's house any time I wanted!)

We lived pretty far out of town. My best friend's house was a mobile home in the middle of a lot of woods. The neighbors were pretty far away. Lots of space for all of us kids to run around, yell, scream and play without getting into trouble, or much trouble anyway.  

Over time I fell in love with his family and them, me. They treated me just like I was a member of their family. I was at their house more than I was at my own.  

Of course, being a young kid I even developed a crush on the older brother which was so painfully obvious. But they all (my bestie, his brothers and sister, his mom and even his dad) helped me through some tough times just by including me in their family. 

But one day when I was over something felt really off. I couldn’t put my finger on it, everyone greeted me the same as normal. His mom told all us kids to “go outside and play,” which we did. Calling us all in for dinner was the same as every other day also. It all happened after dinner.  

 The older brother, the one I had a crush on, looked at me and asked me if I was ready? I didn’t know what he was talking about. Ready for what? Everyone gets up from the table and they are all staring at me.

I notice the older brother walk into the kitchen and pull a huge, very sharp looking knife from the butcher block. He looked up then meeting my eyes and smiled, just a little half-smile.

I stood up as he started walking slowly towards me. I look at my Best Friend for help. He just shrugs his shoulders and says, “Run.”

I take off out the front door and run. The older brother is only a few steps behind me. I hate running and am not good at it. I’m so scared I can’t think where to go, where can I get help? We’re in the middle of nowhere, nobody can hear me scream.

I hear chattering above me as I’m running as fast as I can around this mobile home. I look up and to my amazement, the whole family, except the older brother who’s still chasing me, has climbed a ladder up to the roof to watch what’s happening.

They pull the ladder up so I can’t even think about trying to get up there too. As I see all this I trip and fall face-first into the dirt and pine needles that are coving the ground where the green grass of the yard meets the edge of the woods. 

As I roll over, the older brother is there, standing over me with the knife glinting in the sun that is just barely visible now through the tops of the trees. I try to sit up or move but he moves very quickly, stabbing me. It hurts for a second then my body goes numb as I stare into his cold eyes and that little half-smile on his lips.

So, here I am. Just ghosting around these woods (no pun intended…. or maybe I did mean it?) not knowing why I’m still here. No houses or people, living or non-living, around anywhere I’ve seen. How could my best friend have let this happen? And, where do I go from here?

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