I just watched Us (2019). Yes, I know I am very late to the game, and by now the game is usually over. A film this powerful doesn’t have an expiration date. If you are interested in the horror genre at all, Us is a must-see! 

Just. Frickn. Wow.

Jordan Peele is now officially my favorite horror movie creator. His writing is pure brilliance. The concept is so fresh that a new word needs to be invented to describe something fresher than fresh. Pre-fresh? US-fresh? Ok, maybe not. So, let us move on with this review.

Vampire, Werewolves & Zombies, Oh My!

New, inventive storytelling translated to a high-flying movie is not that common. Forget about the classic monsters as you step into this new world.  Your tethered underground shadow twin awaits you! Or does it? Is it real? Or is it imagined Memorex?

This movie definitely does not have any vampires, werewolves or even…gasp…Zombies. Don’t worry; you won’t miss them this time around. Peele gives “Us” an experience, unlike any other. 

It’s Moving Day

While you may not agree with me, I am most attracted to movies and shows that move me. Movies that make me feel and make me think. That which immerses me within the conjured new reality of imagination and wonder. Us is this.

Psychology horror is sometimes given a bad rap. Combine it with a few jump scares, downright unworldly creepiness and that so unfortunate feeling of “I don’t want to watch this because it makes me uncomfortable, but I have to to find out what happens next.”

That One Line that Cuts To The Chase Right To The Bone

US cuts through the BS like a pair of gold plated scissors slicing through real or false flesh. 

Is Us Really That Scary? 

Yes, it is. No, it is not. Clear as freshly spilt blood, right? As noted above, there are scares. There is a creepiness. There is uncomfortableness. There is also this other emotion…let’s call it dread. Once a character dies, do you then realize that this is “real” and not a hallucination or a dream? At least you think that is what is going on. Maybe. 

Tell “Us” About The Actors

Lupita Nyong’o (Black Panther, The Jungle Book, Star Wars VII-IX & Eclipsed) is outstanding. I won’t spoil anything, but her performance is wide-ranging and exhilarating. Her character progression and regression is on point. When Lupita’s character, Adelaide Wilson, was hysterically scared of going back to a place where her story started, I felt that. Hard.

Winston Duke (Black Panther, Avengers: Endgame, Avengers: Infinity War) plays Gabe Wilson, Adelaide’s husband, and is brilliant. His character’s happy go lucky attitude offers a nice relief from the almost constant feeling of gripping doom throughout the film. His comedic lines are real, believable, and delivered with ease. I would welcome him, and Winston, to my backyard cookout anytime. 

They Have The Moves, and They are FReaky

The antagonists in this film are FReaky with a capital FR. In the bonus feature, Nyong'o describes the character Red as slithering in a jerky cockroach manner. Each of the four evil characters moves in unique and distinctive ways. It is so off, it is unsettling. When they first show how they move, it is obvious that the movie is going to be an eventful experience. 

Go Watch Us Now

I really can’t tell you what this movie is about without giving up that which makes it so good. I can share that it may reshape what you think defines a horror movie. 

And then there is the ending. Oh, the marvelous ending. It is so deliciously devious it just brings a smile upon my face when I think about it. The ending also raises many questions that may never be answered. A sequel could resolve these questions, but you know what? I really don’t want to see a sequel. Sometimes, perfection shouldn’t be messed with regardless of how much you want it. 

This is BrianZFandom searching the Zombie Apocalypse for Zombie shows and movies as well as other interesting horror stories and in this case, finding “Us” in them.