Monster Hunter Rise Demo Goes Live on Nintendo Switch eShop Today

As revealed during a dedicated digital showcase today, a Monster Hunter Rise demo will go live on the Nintendo Switch eShop later today, ahead of the game's full release. The demo will be available from today until February 1, 2021, giving players several weeks to try out the early stages of the RPG. This news comes by way of a 20-minute presentation shown today, in which we got a look at new features and areas the game has to offer.

Check out the event in full below!

Monster Hunter Rise Demo Goes Live

The demo will feature four quest types ranging from beginner to intermediate and will include a Wyvern Riding Training Quest — demonstrating one of the game's new features. You'll be able to play these demo quests in solo or co-op (locally or online), and will have the ability to explore Shrine Ruins, one of the new locales.

In reference to the demo, the game's Director, Yasunori Ichinose said “for this demo, you'll get to explore the Shrine Ruins. This is a great locale for learning about the Wirebug and the new stat-boosting endemic life featured in this game.” Ichinose then went on to describe each of the quests you'll be able to play throughout the demo.

The presentation focused on a slew of monsters, most notably, the flagship creature named Magnamalo. This beast features a hard armor shell and attacks its foes with its tail, emitting a purple gas that can be devastating if you aren't prepared. One of the Rise's new mechanics is Wyvern Riding, a feature that allows you to jump on the back of a monster to control its movement — and even use it to attack other creatures.

Monster Hunter Rise is the first game in the series built from the ground up for Nintendo Switch in mind. You'll recall in 2018, the system received Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, but that game was originally designed for Nintendo 3DS and was then ported to Nintendo Switch, featuring quality of life changes.

You won't have to wait long to play Monster Hunter Rise, as it will come to Nintendo Switch exclusively on March 26, 2021. There will also be a new set of amiibo that launch on the same day, including a Palamute, the aforementioned Magnamalo, and a Palico. The amiibo will unlock special armor sets within the game.

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