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Hey there, Money Geek readers!


Let me start by thanking my friend and fellow blogger Michal Dinich for allowing me to have some fun on his site.

Michael is one of the bloggers I admire and respect for his content and the topics he covers.

I’m Fred Leamnson. I run a blog called Money with a Purpose.

I primarily focus on personal finance topics like saving, investing, retirement and the like. I also write about fun lifestyle things.

Due to popular demand, I’ve been adding content on overcoming adversity. Everyone encounters adversity at some point in life.

I love to hear and tell stories of what folks did to overcome it.

I had a blast putting this list together for Michael.

I hope you enjoy the articles as much as I did.

Thanks again Michael for letting me have some fun on your site!

The Three Posts I’m Digging Right Now 

Consumerism is a Cult, and We’re ALL Brainwashed


I really loved this post. I mean, look at the title – consumerism as a cult.

The writer, Zach, walks readers through a process to help us understand how consumerism gets embedded into our psyches as a culture.

He calls it materialistic programming. Brilliant!

He talks about how he overcame his desire for cars. Everyone has one of these, right?

What’s yours?

I gained insight and got some tips on how to avoid or get out of the materialistic programming.


Teaching and Finance Blog | Dubai | The Happiest Teacher

Want the specific information on how to stay a Happy Teacher? How about what to do to achieve Financial Independence and Retire on your own terms? This is it!

The Power of Incrementalism


This post, from Passive Income NZ, talks about how to break down large goals.

It seems simple on the surface.

But how many times do we dream big dreams only to get sidetracked because we’re overwhelmed by them?

Breaking goals (or large projects for that matter) into small, incremental steps makes it easier.

It offers successes along the way and allows us to see progress towards the prize.

He asks us an important question – Do you apply the incremental approach to saving and investing?



The Power of Incrementalism

Here is another question, where do you get your financial advice from? Do you listen to an expert stock picker on TV, or some advice from some other investing guru. Do you listen advice from friends and family? There are many people who share financial advice who have large ordinances.


Are Your Perceptions Killing Your Finances?


Though this post is geared toward doctors, it is applicable to all of us.

It’s no secret that our perceptions shape our decisions and actions.

Cory, the writer, gears our perceptions against reality in our spending.


He holds up a mirror in examples of questions he asked a doctor he advised.

The dos perception of what was going on vs. the reality were pretty far apart.

It challenged me to take a closer look at my perceptions of spending and saving.

Don’t worry. This isn’t a guilt trip you have to avoid. There’s good food for thought here.

Are Your Perceptions Killing Your Finances?

An interesting phenomena recurs when I work with physicians to makeover their finances. They almost never believe that overspending is the problem. They believe the reason their credit card balance is growing, and their large monthly income isn’t enough to pay their expenses can’t be due to their ow


Here’s a post from my own blog for your enjoy


How My Perspective on Millennials Has Changed


My post about Millennials is a Mea Culpa.


Before getting to know many Millennials, I had a very strong preconceived notion about them.


Do you?


I’ll take you through my journey of perception change and tell you what I learned.



How My Perspective on Millennials Has Changed – Money With A Purpose

In today’s post, I want to tell you how my perspective on Millennials has changed. And it has – pretty dramatically. Why? It’s pretty simple. I’ve come to know many through the blogging community. And let’s face it. Most of what we hear about Millennials is via mainstream media.

Geeky fact about myself


Since I don’t consider myself very “geeky” I’ll just offer a quirk that my wife thinks is pretty funny (probably more weird, than funny).

We live in a three-level townhouse with our two Akitas.

When I go up and down the stairs, I count each step along the way. On some days, I alternate first steps with the opposite foot.

Kind of weird, right?

When I revealed this to one of my neighbors, she said, “Well at least you won’t fall down because you missed a step.”

So I’m adopting that as the logic for the counting.


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