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Molly Woods

You’ve Heard all the stories. About killers and how they came to be. Usually they have a catch phrase, or a special feature to them. Well, this kill has all that, but instead of a long story that takes forever to build up, why not just give you what you want.
Molly Ann Woods
Had been living with her brother Stan. Molly was a shy girl, however was very sweet to people she loved. Life was simple for her. She was 12 when everything went straight to hell.
Standing in a court yard across from school stood Molly Woods, holding a neck less and dog tag close to her. The dog tag was her fathers, the neckless her mothers. Her left hand had been tightly bandaged from a frostbite that took out four of her fingers, leaving only her thumb in her left hand. As for her right wrist, it was wrapped up in gauze from a mild sprang. A bruise below her eye let everyone know how far things went when school bullies picked on her. This time they had beat her up and shoved her into a freezer. Molly could hear them say no escape. Then after she passed out, she heard sweet dreams. She was unconscious for about an hour in there with only one mitten on her right hand. The ice turning her skin to a pale white. The bruises nearly the start of them stabbing fun at her. The fact that Molly was different might have been the reason she was the center of bullying. She was an okay student that could play flute and piano. She took a hobby into draw and writing stories. Maybe it was because they hated her ways of drawing scary things. Monsters with scary features. One human like creature with no eyes and a blue mask, another with no face, others with blood leaking from their eyes. This wasn’t the first time she’s taken a beating from there boys. All of them in her first hour. That freezer stunt was what Molly wanted to spark a burning inferno for revenge. It never mattered. Stan wouldn’t care! She could run away afterwards. These thoughts, consumed her. Right there on the spot, Molly felt a thought snap. Her mind went from idea, to idea, just on how to kill these boys. Cameron, Oliver, and Blake. Oh how beautiful the blood would look. On the walls, floor, but mostly on them.
Molly walked with the rest of the students inside. Waiting for all of them to get there. Once they all arrived, Molly picked up a pair of scissors. They were grey with yellow grits. On the blade were the words titanium. She walked over to the boys, hiding the scissors behind her back.
“If it isn’t little Molly.” Cameron said.
“What’s the matter? Didn’t like the freezer?” Blake asked.
“Awe! The little fingerless runt is upset!” Oliver laughed.
“What’s so funny?” Molly asked.
“That smile,” Blake said. Molly had a malicious grin on her face. Whipping the scissors from behind her back, she found the heart of Oliver and stabbed down. Pulling her new weapon out of his chest. She slashed Cameron across the chest with the blade. Oliver lay on the ground dying. Cameron and Blake ran, she stayed behind. Class mates around the action look at Molly. She payed no attention to the screaming kids around her. Molly sliced open Oliver’s stomach. She reached in, pulling out his guts. They spilled out onto the floor. She then stomped down on his neck. A puddle of blood formed around the room. Molly did not speak, she did not talk. She just smiled and moved on to Cameron and Blake. A force then slammed into Molly’s face. The force popes and let out a wet substance. It first stung, then it burned. Molly let out a cry. She whipped up her eyes. Once her vision came to focus she saw Cameron. He had thrown a chemical filled water balloon at her. She then felt a wooden board hit the back of her head. It forced her forward. She fell to the ground. All she could see was her black hair in her face. She saw a pair of feet in front of her.
“Damn, how hard did you hit her?!” Cameron asked Blake.
“Hard enough!” He said. Molly grabbed Cameron’s foot and yanked. He fell back hitting his head against the cement.
“Bitch!” Molly yelled. “I lost my fingers thanks to you bastards!” She yelled. She grabbed his neck and slammed his head against the tiles. Back and forth over and over. She took a lone text book from the floor and bashing him over the head with it. Smiling as she splattered blood all over the lockers and ceiling. Molly’s white shirt covered in red. Her black jeans now soaked in blood. The soles of her shoes now stained in Oliver’s and Cameron’s blood. All that was left was Blake. Seeing him just made her want to do something to make him pay.
“I’ve always like that shirt!” She said looking at Blake’s shirt under his hoodie. It was a plaid button up shirt. It was blue with white, navy blue and a light blue. Blake ran for it. Molly set the scissors in her pocket with the blade sticking out. She ran after him ready to spill blood. She caught up to him in a staff bathroom. Molly tackled the boy to the ground.
“No Escape!” She said. She lifted up his shirt and slid open his chest. She then stabbed his heart. It was like popping a balloon. The blood covered the walls. His screams soon cut off by Molly cutting his younger out.
“Sweet Dreams!” She whispered. Her Smiling face was the last thing Blake saw. Molly got up. Looking in the mirror she saw her eyes had been infected. The black irises now a glowing teal. Molly rolled Blake over taking his hoodie and plaid shirt. Running home, Molly took the scissors and set them back into her pocket. The blood became cold. She didn’t care. She walked into the house. Stan stood in the living room, seeing his sister. He never cared about her.
Molly snuck up from behind him and stabbed his neck.
“No escape!” She said. Walking up stairs she grabbed a needle and thread. Sewing the necklesses to the back of her neck. That way she’d have her parents with her forever. She went back downstairs to Stan.
“Sweet Dreams,”

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Not much is known about Brian Z. Some say it's because he is secretly preparing for the Z poc, others say it's because of the "incident" at Chicago Walker Stalker Con. All that we know for certain is he loves sci-fi, horror, and zombies.

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