While video games are mostly a means of escapism and fun, the conversation around the medium can sometimes be negative — leading to an unsafe environment for many players out there.

In attempts to push the medium towards a safer, more inclusive form of entertainment, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony have partnered to establish a core set of principles that will hopefully allow for more inclusivity and less unsafe behavior. This comes by way of a post from Microsoft earlier today, in which it publicly announced the partnership across all companies with the shared idea that gaming is for everyone.

Microsoft highlighted the three core principles, including Prevention, Partnership, and Responsibility. The three companies will use these principles from now on to ensure gaming is safe for everyone, regardless of age, sex, nationality, or religious beliefs.

Below is a breakdown of each of the principles and how they relate to safety in gaming.


This principle has to do with understanding the systems in place to prevent unsafe experiences. Microsoft touched on the various parental controls that all three consoles have and ensured that these functions should be as easy to use as possible.

It also mentioned codes of conduct and terms of use that are in place to effectively communicate the rules that are meant to keep everyone safe.


Each company will partner with the ESRB, the community, and law enforcement to keep players safe.

The idea of coming together is not just a way to prevent bad things from happening but also about gaming. The post from Microsoft made it clear that toxic behavior is unacceptable, stating that “hate and harassment or exploitation of younger players in any way have no place in gaming.”


Finally, the post explains that each company will take responsibility to ensure gaming is as safe as it can be. This is done by having the means to report harassment and unwanted behavior, comply with law enforcement, and have clear rules that highlight what is and is not allowed across all platforms.

While there's a lot of work to be done, this is a solid step towards making the medium safer. This partnership amplifies companies' need to set differences aside to be loud and clear about making a safe place for gamers.

After all, the idea is to have fun, be social, relax, and be immersed in fantastical worlds — not to be harassed.

Source: Microsoft

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