Mass Effect Legendary Edition Will Launch This May, $150 Collector’s Edition Announced

Mass Effect Legendary Edition, a remastered collection of the original trilogy, is coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC on May 14, 2021. As shown in an all-new trailer, the collection will be remastered in 4K for newer hardware, will include all 40 pieces of DLC, and quality of life improvements — and of course, Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available to preorder now.

You can check out the newest trailer below!

The biggest changes with Mass Effect Legendary Edition are in its visuals, all of which have been upscaled to 4K. This collection isn't rebuilt from the ground up like you would see in a remake, but rather has been (painstakingly) touched up to look better on modern hardware. Especially with the first Mass Effect, which was released in 2007 — the original versions might not look as good as you remember.

The goal of this collection is to ensure the games look and play well — just as you remember. As often happens when going back to revisit older games, time hasn't been as kind to the trilogy, especially in the visual department. Thankfully, Mass Effect Legendary Edition looks stunning, thanks to nearly every asset receiving a new coat of paint.

It will also include faster load times, better  Mako controls, improved depth of field, and a HUD update.

Mass Effect Legendary Cache

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Along with the new trailer, EA and BioWare revealed a special edition called the Mass Effect Legendary Cache, featuring lots of goodies commemorating the collection's release. It will set you back $150 and includes:

  • N7 Acceptance Letter
  • Canvas Art Print
  • Key Art Metal Case
  • Morality Spinner Pin Set
  • 1:1 Scale Replica Helmet

Interestingly, it does not include the game, though this allows players to pick up a physical or digital copy on the platform of their choice. You can only get it from the BioWare Gear Store here.

News of the collection's release date might come as a surprise, as many leaks and rumors pointed to a March release window — which was incorrect. Perhaps EA was originally aiming for March, but then had to delay it internally.

Either way, you'll be able to grab your copy when it launches later this May! Preorder links are found below.

Preorder for PS4

Preorder for Xbox One

Source: EA

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