Make Money with Your Washing Machine

How to Make Money with Your Washing Machine

With each passing day, more and more people are searching for opportunities where they can earn free gift cards or make extra money during their spare time. This is due to the increase in the cost of living and the need for financial freedom. There are numerous side hustles you can try, but, in this article, I will teach you how you can make money with your washing machine.

The fact of the matter is that there are numerous opportunities that you can undertake during your free hours and earn yourself some bucks. There’s nothing better as making additional cash outside your day job can fall directly to your earnings. This can be a boon to accelerate your savings and debt payoff strategy.

If you have a laundry machine, and you are comfortable doing laundry for other people, then, doing laundry for money is one of those opportunities. Whether it's from home or you want to open a small outlet, doing laundry can earn you good cash.

Currently, there are even several apps that can help you to find customers who need laundry services. The demand for laundry services is high as many millennials don't want or don't have the time to do their laundry.

Therefore, if you love washing or you require quick money, why not earn money washing clothes for others?

Ways to Make Money from your Washing Machine

There are numerous ways you can make money doing laundry, but we will highlight the most common and ideal ones.

Doing Laundry for your Friends

The first and most common way you can earn from your washing machine is washing clothes for your friends and neighbors. Especially if you are starting and don't want to open a laundry shop, beginning with those you know can be a good step. If you do it to their satisfaction, then you can get more referrals, which will increase your customer base.

This will suit you if you want to utilize your extra hours after your main day job, as you can plan your schedule and let them know when you are available.  You may start low, with just a few friends, but with time, your clientele may rise significantly to become a profitable business.

Although starting home, a business may sometimes be hectic, for a laundry business, all you need is a washing machine and some extra hours. The only thing that may be cumbersome is dealing with clients when they grow in number, and ensuring that you have an efficient pick-up system, and delivery. You again don't want to stay with someone's clothes forever.

If you don't want to engage friends or encounter the headaches of operating your own business, the following apps will help you with that.

Laundry Care

Laundry Care is an app that offers an online platform where willing laundry service providers can sell their services to willing clients. The platform handles all the overwhelming details that may make it difficult to run the laundry business on your own at home. Such activities include sending invoices, designing marketing materials, receiving payments, SEO, managing your website, signing up new customers, and more.

With all these functions being handled for you, you can then concentrate on pick up of the clothes, doing the laundry and delivery of the same. Laundry Care is easy to join and requires simple fulfillments to become a service provider with them. These requirements include:

  • Have a dependable washing machine and a dryer at home
  • Be over 21 years old
  • $30 one-time payment meant to cater for the first bag of your start-up laundry clothes from Laundry Care.
  • Have a smartphone
  • Have a clean background record
  • Availability during the day
  • Internet access
  • Reliable transport

With Laundry Care, you can conveniently get customers, pick their clothes, do the laundry, and deliver back the clothes on time after you finish. The flexibility of the platform is what makes it so convenient for most people. You can work at your own time and get paid. What’s not to love about that?

How Much Can You Earn with Laundry Care

The amount you can earn as a service provider in Laundry Care will directly depend on how many clients you serve. If you put in more hours of work in a week, you will earn more, unlike when you work for a few hours. For example, some will earn even up to $500 in a week, while others who do laundry as a side hustle can earn between $100 and $200 in a week.

For every regular bag of laundry, you will receive $20. Therefore, the more packs you can handle, the more money you will earn. All these make Laundry Care an excellent app that can help you make money with your washing machine.

Lode App

Another fantastic app that you can quickly join and make money doing laundry is Lode app. Lode app is a community platform that links the laundry service providers, with those in need of outsourcing the same services. Lode allows you to get paid for washing clothes for other people, as well as ironing.

Looking for a trusted app with lots of laundry jobs any time, then Lode is your app. The application will enable you to make good money, and you are at liberty to work when you desire. If you own a washing machine, and have an ironing board, that all you require to become a handler (service provider) with Lode. The signing up process takes less than a minute, and you are ready to work.

If you want to become your boss and work on your schedule, you can give the app a try.

How Does Lode Work?

When you have the app, this is how simple it works:

  • Login into the up and turn your availability status on
  • Accept a request for a laundry pick up
  • Pick up the client's laundry
  • Notify them their laundry is on the way
  • Deliver the laundry and mark it as complete
  • Get paid for your service

Sounds easy? Sure, it surely is easy as it seems.  In terms of how much you can make with Lodes laundry app, it all depends on the amounts of laundry loads you can handle. You can use their calculator to calculate how much laundry you need to manage for you to earn your desired amount. Payment is made automatically through the account you have provided as soon as you deliver the laundry.

Benefits of Using Lode App

The app gives you so much flexibility that allows you to work at your own set time and make the money you need. You have the option of taking it either as a full-time job or as a part-time one.

  • Lode app allows you to earn easy money in much less time. You can receive more in an hour — much more than the usual standard hourly rate.
  • With this app, you set your schedule, making it possible to work even in between jobs. The app offers opportunities for anyone, whether you are a student, home-based parent, or even if retired.
  • You are allowed to keep the tips for a job well done.


Laundry Point

Do you love doing laundry? Do you long to be your boss? Can you do laundry for money? You can join Laundry Point and start earning some money. Laundry Point app makes it so easy for you to earn from home using your washing machine.

With Laundry Point, you can comfortably make around $24 per load, doing domestic and commercial laundry. The app pays you an average of $3.50 per kg of clothes or about $24 for a 7kg load of laundry. For the ironing, you get $2.70 for every item you iron.

With these averages, it means that it's effortless to make $48 per hour if you can manage two 7kg-load of laundry in an hour. Making this is possible even with just one washing machine.

Benefits of Becoming a Launderer with Laundry Point

  • Freedom to earn what you want: With Laundry Point, you are in control of how much you can make. The more you work, the more you make. However, this will depend on how willing you are to go, pick the orders.
  • Security: unlike starting on your own with no customers and doing all the hard tasks of advertising yourself, Laundry Point does it for you. Immediately you sign up with them, you are ready to pick orders and start earning. There is no start-up capital except your washing machine and you.

What You Require to Become a Launderer with Laundry Point

This is among the most accessible platforms to join, with very minimal requirements. However, you must be perfect in doing laundry, ironing, as well as be very keen on little details. Also, you must be reliable and ready to offer a customer-friendly service.

Minimum requirements include:

  • Washing machine
  • Dryer
  • A car
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Non-smoking household
  • Pet-hair free zone

What can be simpler than working with Laundry Point? You have total flexibility, no start-up costs, no contracts, and no struggle to find clients. Join the team by signing up with a $20 monthly subscription fee, and you are good to start. Don't let that washing machine sit there idle while you can make good money with it.

Put Your Washing Machine to Work

With all the running around of people trying to make that extra buck, why not find something that can earn you good money on your free hours?

I hope this article helps you identify the various opportunities available on how you can make money with your washing machine.

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