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Madam Koikoi

I hated the school dormitory ever since I saw it. I always said I would rent a private hostel in my second year. It had faded and peeling paint with three bunk beds in a room. I guess that’s the best you can get from a community college. You had walk to the mart in order to get in range of the WIFI. Sometimes I sat in the cold with insects biting me just because I wanted to complete a lecture assignment. The dormitory itself had no water most of the time but it had a fully functioning plumbing system which the school management only use if there’s a heavy rain because of storage overflow(Stingy heads). We had to take buckets to the boreholes to fetch some water. Even the boreholes disappointed us sometimes. Surrounding the path to the borehole were overgrown grasses which the gardener deemed fit to ignore but disturbed us with mower sounds every other week.

The hostel wardens always seemingly joked with us saying, “Better get your water before nightfall or Madam Koikoi will get you!”. Madam Koikoi is said to have been a former rector of the college who was murdered by one of the teachers she unfairly sacked. She was known for wearing stiletto heels, the sound of the heels announcing her presence seconds before her arrival. It is said the teacher used one of the rector’s heels to rupture her skull and hid the weapon. So she wails around midnight in the shadows of the tall grasses announcing her presence even in death with the sound of one heel going, “Koi, koi,koi…”.
All this as far as I was concerned then was all bollocks. Even if I wanted to “take heed” and get water before dark, I was an Tourism major and our extracurricular activities took the whole day. How our wish I had had the sense to fetch water in morning before going to classes to use the next day.

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On a fateful Friday, I had just come back from a practical assignment where I had to convince club goers to come for fund raising swimming event for charity(Ridiculous, right?). Well, I had to dress to blend in. I had my leather skirt, chiffon top and black stilettos. I was so tired that I decided to check if there was water in the borehole instead of going up for my bucket and coming down to find out there was none. As I walked the bushy path I felt like I was being watched. I looked to see if there was anyone around and unfortunately unlike horror movies instead of the cliche looking about and finding no one only for a ghost to jumped out at you minutes later, I turned around to face Madam Koikoi inches from me. And yes, she looked like a decaying corpse with pale skin. She wore a frayed lilac dress. I was shocked to the marrow, in fact shocked is an understatement. Her mouth (or what was left of it) slowly gaped open. With a shrill voice she said “I want my shoe, give it to me!” and she screamed like I’ve never heard before. It caused a pounding in my head. I tried to block out the sounds with my hands to my ears but it was no use. It made me pass out as I fell to my knees in front of her.
I was told I was found at the beginning of the path , how I got that far back I could only guess. I was missing the left leg of my stiletto, all efforts to find it proved vain. I told them my experience and of course they thought I was drunk and probably misplaced my heel on my way from the club. Now I wish I had gotten my lazy self to the dormitory first to get my bucket,

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