Low spending month- Week 3

Week 3 has come and gone of our low spending month. I thought it was going well until I did the math. It seems like another week of failing to keep the spending down. Previously we spent $1,859 in week 1 and  $1,045 in week 2.

So how did low spending Week 3 go?

Home – $884. This includes $443 for new stools and another $150 for soil and gardening supplies. It is not all a loss as I sold our old vacuum for $60 on Craigslist and plan on selling our old stools for $200. This is also the first week with a large home expenditure (Stools) as the prior two weeks home expenses did not even get their own category.

Still, our home continues to be one of our largest expenses. This is one reason why the smaller the house, the better off you are. Less upkeep, less cleaning, less things breaking, etc. Prior to this home I debated owning property with 5 acres plus, now smaller seems better. I realize that privacy is what I really want. Not necessarily a ton of land to maintain.

Shopping – $253- This category continues to decrease down from $625 in week one and $460 in week 2. This is promising and will likely continue to improve.

Donations – $100 to the American Heart Association. Donating is a good expense and not one I am upset by.

Restaurants–  $92- Similar to week 2. We unfortunately ate at a vegan restaurant for lunch. It was okay and of course over priced. I do not think we will be going back anytime soon. That meal alone cost us $45.

Gifts – $75 – We were invited to a nice dinner Saturday night. I brought over an orchid and a nice bottle of Scotch.

Groceries – $359- A bit lower then week 2. We continue to eat organic fruit and a lot of humus. None of this is cheap and this is above our $200 weekly grocery budget. We are going to have to revisit these expenses.

Other – $57

The grand total for week 3 is $1,820. This is a step back from week 2, but if we look at most regular expenses (restaurants and groceries) then we did about the same. It was the home expenses, mainly our new stools, that cost us. Other than that we spent a $175 on gifts and donations. I really don't mind spending money on others and so this does not bother me.

I am learning that despite trying to spend less, we still spend a lot. This is a good behavioral item to know and try to understand better. It seems food is a big expense. Other than that, our home has led to higher spending (like the new bar stools). Hopefully we can make improvements over the next few weeks and months.

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