Lost episode: American Dad Klaus’ revenge

I had come to find this is a continuation of an episode of American Dad, rather than a full episode. I was at my job at a local television network station, rifling through the stacks of old films for inspiration on my next episode. When Tim Parsons, the director for the new episode of American Dad, came in. He told me production was complete on the new episode and it was ready to be reviewed for airing.

I say down in the dark room next to a large projector. Tim put the disc in to play the show. He said the episode was entitled “family affair”. It started off normal and was relatively funny, the usual stop and go puns that were always there. Things started looking weird when roger came in. He was disguised as Krispy Kreme McDonald, an abnormal disguise for him. He was not drinking, again odd, and he talked with a sense of fear and recessed malice. As the episode went on I noticed Klaus was always trying to get them to go to a fabulous thunderbirds concert with him. In which he talks about eating pot brownies and getting crazy. This was odd for Klaus, seeing as he is usually confined to a bowl and generally motionless and bland. This was one of the episodes that I had first noticed he primarily scooted along the floor in a small dish. The full thirty minutes, every time he came in, he asked about that concert or talked about all the money he was spending. He seemed to have abnormal money quantities and as I looked harder, I noticed he was drawn more realistically then I had ever seen. He looked real.

The show was winding down and the family solved the problem with roger. The screen then goes black and shows Klaus in his bowl. He wakes up and checks his clock. he’s overslept. He rushes outside to find the family in the pool, playing. He asks what happened. They went without him, they reply. Shocked Klaus demanded a reason why. Francine ignorantly asks if there is some proverb about not waking a sleeping fish. Klaus scoots off and the episode blacks out. I started to get up, when I heard a noise. It sounded so real I thought it was in there with us. The quality couldn’t have come from our speakers. It was louder and louder, breathing. A deep heavy wheezing. The black screen started to fade and began to show Klaus in his bowl. His normal place in the dark living room. He looked so real. He started sobbing. The sound was so real, our speakers couldn’t possibly be doing this. The sobbing grew louder and louder, Klaus wailed at the top of his lungs. He wailed and wailed, until blood started to float from his mouth and eyes. The blood looked so real and so lifelike. I felt as if I touched it I’d get it on me. He started to laugh, an evil laugh, full of hatred and sinister feelings. He yelled out in hatred towards the Smiths. “I’ll kill you all!!” He wailed at them. He got out into his little bowl, blood trailing behind him. The screen blacked, I looked worriedly behind me at Tim. He seemed scared and worried too.

The next scene to come up was the bedroom of Stan and Francine. They layed there peacefully as the door slowly swung open. In shuffled Klaus, knife in hand. He crawled up the sheet and began to stab Francine. He shrieked in laughter as he did. “The blood the glorious blood!!” He wailed. He hopped off the bed and Stan jumped up. “Klaus what are you doing?” He asked in terror. Klaus simply grabbed Stan’s gun off his small dresser. He pointed it at Stan. Klaus’ eyes, they looked so real, full of hatred and evil. The look struck fear into me. He started shooting, laughing at their demise. I started checking my own body to see if I had been shot. The sound had been so real, it felt as if it had happened. I looked back, Stan lay in a heap and Francine lay bleeding in the bed. Both were dead, and their bodies, drawn so realistically I thought they were real. As I looked harder at them, I noticed they were. They had been pasted into the sequence. The bodies of real people, dead.

Klaus moved on, mumbling ominously to himself. He started towards Hayley and Steve’s room. The shot was cut out. When it came back, all the bodies of the families were hung by their ankles. In the basement. The blood dripped off their bodies, freshly dead. Klaus watched the bodies, laughing and yelling profane words towards them. The screen blacked again, and faded back. This time Klaus was in the corner, rocking back and forth. Dark, black rings had formed underneath his eyes and he was covered in blood. He mumbled to himself, and screamed. The sound and look was so real. I saw the bodies again, I vomited. They were so real, and Klaus, looked real. He sat there mumbling and screaming. Before grabbing Stan’s pistol. He put it to his mouth and screamed. Blood splattered on the wall and Klaus was dead. The screen slowly zoomed in on Klaus’ dead body. Closer and closer until you could see his scales. Then he jumped up and screamed the most brutal and blood curdling scream, I had to cover my ears. Then it blacked out and it was over. I looked back at Tim, he had rings under his eyes and he sat in the corner mumbling about what had just happened.

I haven’t slept in weeks since this all happened. Neither me or Tim have said anything to anyone. Seth, the creator, has seen this too. He has no idea how it happened. I guess maybe were all left to wonder who did it. All other staff on the team for this was interviewed, no one knew anything. We gave up, all the files on this, including the video, have been destroyed. Rumor has it though, that Tim, still has the original copy.

Credit To – Sam blevins

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