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I have played many Zelda games during my childhood and I remembered playing majoras mask very little. Once the happy mask salesman got angry I instantly lost interest (Or got scared), and once my childhood friend Michael (Who had been wanting to play majoras mask since I got it for Christmas) asked if he could borrow it, I was more than willing to get it out of my hands. That was the last time I played the game, and that was around 2000. Now I had graduated from an arts college majoring in digital cinematography (Which at the time I was still attending school). I was a freelance videographer, and I spent most of my college days looking for jobs. I landed some gigs which I made major bank on, but it was still a very unfulfilling job to say the least. I bought myself a sleek computer, and started to build up my PC for gaming. I played as much as I could, but I felt unsatisfied. I was bored, but still interested in video games none the less.
I went back and re discovered majoras mask. I watched chuggaconnoroys Let play of it, and I was obsessed with the game. I wanted the game, and thankfully I remembered that I loaned the game to Michael. So around January of 2010, I called up Michael. We chatted for a while, talked about the game industry, and upcoming games that we were both stoked for. Then we talked about Zelda, and I asked if he still had Majoras mask. He said yes, and I asked if I can borrow it back. He seemed a little hesitant, and then he started to tell me about how he had modded the game. I was of course mad, but then curiosity came in. I asked what he had done to it, and he replied that he tried to add some type of trainer into the game (He was a modder so it shouldn’t be a surprise) He then he started about how the mod made the game not start, and he felt really guilty about it. He said that he would reimburse me, I said No. I told him to give me the game on Friday, and we will have lunch together (He’s buying, of course). So he brought the game, and gave it to me. I assessed the cosmetic damage, which included a few scratches, marks of marker on the back (But I didn’t mind it, at least it still had its cover instead of just “MAJORAS MASK” Crudely written on it) we had lunch, and chatted about games some more. Then afterwards he apologized for messing up the game, and I told him its fine. Then I thanked him for the food, and we parted ways. I drove home, and went on the computer for a while. After that I decided to see the extent of the damage Michael had done to it. So I grabbed the cartridge, blown into it, and put it in the N64. I sat down and waited. And waited. Until eventually I got up to reset the game. I pressed reset, and then as I was sitting down, the screen popped, accompanied with brief but loud static. It made me jump, and I cursed a little bit. “Dammit Michael” I said under my breath, and turned down the volume to avoid any more glitched surprises. The game starts up like normal, until it got to the main menu. The main menu was skewed, and it was red (Almost like the AV cables were loose). I sighed with disappointment, and pressed A, but it didn’t seem to do anything. I tried all other buttons, but still no use. So I gave up, and went on to the computer to try and figure out the problem. But during my trouble shooting I heard a constant sound coming from the t.v.
It was the game; I forgot that I left it on. I saw that the controller was leaning on the joystick, and the cursor was moving between two save files. I picked up the controller, and sat down. I saw that the screen was still slightly red, but less distorted. I then looked at the save files. One of the names was “Homo”, I immediately started chuckling immaturely. After that good laugh, I moved on down to the 2nd save file which said “E D I T O R” Which I assumed was from the mod Michael added. It was a clean save. So out of curiosity I choose “E D I T O R”. The game started like normal, and I breezed through it like it was nothing. As soon as I entered into the clock tower, I instantly remembered the Mask Man. I of course shrug off my fears, and ventured to the door which triggers the cut scene with the mask man. The text bubble pops up saying “You have met with a terrible fate haven’t you?” Then the camera reveals the mask sales man, but something was off. He was angry, his eyes were white, and he was frowning. I was startled by this of course, but I convinced myself that the mod made him this way. So after I accept the mask mans task, I ventured off into the city. I complete some quests, and I returned to the mask man. He was smiling like his old self, which gave me instant relief. But I still have to suffer his anger again either way, so after I break it to him that I did not retrieve the mask, a speech bubble appears. It was a different font, and It was very small. I could barely make out what it was saying. “Would you like to continue?” with options yes or no. I pondered for a bit, and clicked no. The speech bubble disappears, and then static along with distorted music came on blaring. The mask salesman’s face was slowly zooming in, flashing from his normal appearance to a mutilated hyper real appearance. The sounds and imagery overwhelmed me and I put my hands over my ears screaming for it to stop. I then looked up to see the face had fully ingulfed the screen, and had started melting. I turned off the game, and unplugged the n64.
I was severely shaken up, and his face was burned into my retinas for at least 5 minutes. I sat there sobbing; I was not exactly as macho as I remembered. So as Soon as I regained my composure, I called up Michael and demanded a explanation. He said that he did not alter the game at all; I called him a asshole and hung up. I was pissed, but ultimately scared. I couldn’t sleep, the noise and image was all too fresh in my mind. I pondered whether or not to throw it away, but decided to keep it so I could record it. I soon drifted to sleep, and I dreamed about majoras mask. The dream was not scary, but it did have some weird moments. I had been given the choice to continue, and I pressed yes. Then I woke up instantly, I looked at my phone and It was 8:00 am. I decided to stay up, since it was a Saturday and I was off on the weekends. So on my spare time I went onto eBay and bought a capture card. The owner said it will arrive in a week, I was a little disappointed, but at least it’s not a month I thought optimistically. I tried my best to avoid the N64, and I spent most of the day on the internet. I haven’t seen the masked salesman so much in my life; he was in every related video it seemed. I decided to get off, and go for a walk. That worked for every bit of 5 seconds, I kept on thinking the mask salesman was stalking me. I kept seeing his face, his weird mutilated face every where I saw. I was extremely paranoid. I couldn’t sleep with the lights off, and I wondered why the paranoia is just now setting in. I eventually went to sleep; I dreamt the same dream that I had last night. “Would you like to continue?” And yet again with the options yes or no. I choose yes, and a blood curdling scream accompanied along with it. He started mutilating link (Which in the dream, he was not a deku scrub)
I woke up in cold sweat, it was 5:00 am, and it was pitch black. I hid under my covers until it was morning. Once light entered my room, I went on the internet and looked up Majoras mask mods. There were some, but I couldn’t find any that matched the same thing I had on the cartridge. It was a slow day for then on; I was depressed, and paranoid. I had a mental breakdown while I was going to the store. I never had psychological problems ever, and I was extremely afraid for my own well being. That night, I was angry, angry at the whole fucking world. I wanted to punch Michael right in his stupid fucking mouth, but I eventually rationalized my thoughts. I took my frustrations out on a trash can, and I was arrested for disturbing the peace (Which didn’t make it better). The fucking game, the fucking mask salesman is fucking with me. That snob mother fucker is not going to haunt me. I kept thinking about him, and I was no longer afraid of him. After I was released with a 500$ fine, I went home and popped majoras mask in ready for battle. The tv popped again like before, but this time I noticed that it was a still frame. I reset it, and saw it was the text. It took me a few tries to make out what it was saying, but It said “Обращайте внимание на мои предупреждения, не продолжать – E D I T O R” Which, at the time, I couldn’t understand due to it being so foreign (Russian I presume). I continued with the same distorted red screen, I waited 5 minutes and I was able to select the files. I choose “E D I T O R” Again. And it started me at the save before I talked to the mask salesman a second time. I was ready; I went in and talked to him. It then reached the text “Would you like to continue” with options yes or no. Though slightly hesitant, I choose yes, and then the text fades away. The mask salesman face started flickering; it was displaying 4 different emotions. One was sad, another was angry, one was normal, and the other was just mangled up face. Then the game froze, I sat there creeped out (Yet again), but much more underwhelmed as compared to my previous attempt. But as I was going to switch it off, the mask salesmans face rises up screaming. His eyes and mouth are black, empty gaping holes, veins throbbing around them. The screams were accompanied with another scream, almost like a child. He then started glitching around flailing his arms toward the screen. I sat frozen in fear, unable to move. A voice came out and it was pure static. It said something on the lines of “I.. am…. Coming” My computer screen flickered with his face, and my phone shook violently with his face plastered on it. He was in every electronic device in the house. I covered my face with my hand trying to smother the intense screaming. Then he said “don’t….. CONTINUE.” The speaker on my t.v bursted with a loud static bang. Smoke engulfed the room, and I was screaming. I had lost hearing in both ears for a few minutes; blood was streaming down my face. All I could hear was this constant ringing. I tried to call 911, but it seemed the phone was out (Fucking great). As soon as I went to the door, the lights turned off. It was a black out (Second time that year), I froze in terror at the idea of that “Thing” possibly out there. I grabbed a little flashlight that was on the table near the door, and I shined it towards the kitchen. I slowly traversed to the kitchen, and found a much bigger flashlight. The ringing in my ears had stopped by that time, but I could hear nothing. I shined the light around; just in case the thing was out there, then I went towards the door. My eyes were irritated by the smoke, so I sat down for a minute to catch my bearings. I sat there, with thoughts racing; and I heard something.
It was faint, but it sounded like footsteps from my room. I heard glass crunching, it was getting closer. I was petrified; not even bothering shining the light towards my room. I wiped my eyes, and I saw a pair of red eyes. They seemed small, like pocket lazer sized, but it was growing bigger. I wiped my eyes to insure that this sight was real. I wiped them again, and still saw them. I sat there frozen, near the front door. I reached for the door knob very slowly. The eyes darted towards door, I reacted by standing up and twisting the knob. But it wouldn’t turn. It was locked. I saw the face of the fucking mask salesman, staring at me with a smile, a big, insane smile. My hearing had returned as he looked over me with its red eyes, it said in a muffled voice. “You have met with a unfortunate fate”. He lunged towards me with a rusty knife, it made its way through my neck. Luckily it missed the aorta artery, or I would have bled out like a pig. I kicked him off on instinct; he flew back landing on his back. I was coughing heavily, trying to eject the blood from my throat. I was gagging on blood, and the mask salesman kicked me in the ribs. I grunted in pain, but I retaliated with a tackle. I heard him say “No” Sharply, and it sounded…human. But by that time I was grabbing for anything, hair, eyes, or anything that would get me out of this nightmare. I looked up and saw something strange. It was no longer the mask salesman, it was a man. I saw him looking at the mask on the floor, which closely resembled the happy mask salesman. I looked back, and thrown him on the ground, and I started kicking his head. I heard him cry for help, and begged me to stop until…. Silence. All I could hear was my own wheezing, which grown worse by each wheeze. I observed the man from head to toe. He had a black jumpsuit on, and also a Smartphone in his hand. I picked it up and surveyed it for a while. It was a regular Iphone, and it was jet black. I accessed his phone, and I was greeted with Russian text. I couldn’t read or understand them, so I went to the dial option (Which I could understand better). I called 911, and I started to talk. My voice was very raspy, and it sounded like I was talking out of my neck (Which I partially was). I told them my location, and the crime. I decided to hold back telling them that the happy mask salesman form majoras mask just attempted to murder me, so I just said I was attacked. The operator said they were on the way, and that I should not touch anything. I replied with an “Ok” and I hung up. I remember saying “Shit! I touched something!” but I didn’t care either way. I saw that the man was breathing, which surprised me since the state of his condition is not exactly good. I decided that I would spare him, since this would be a cheap shot in my book. So the ambulance arrived, and carted me away. I had 2 broken ribs, a giant gash on my neck, hearing loss (Which I regained) and had to spend 2 years in physical, and mental therapy altogether. During my rehabilitation, the guy who tried to murder me was on trial. I was a witness, and I learned about the whole story.
The guys name was Alexander Vyacheslav. He was a Russian immigrant who moved to America to explore different opportunities. He was a passionate gamer, and modded games on his computer during his teenage years. Something went wrong in-between then, because he had a obsession with the dead (Which is a clear sign something is very wrong). He hunted every animal who could find. He started killing rodents, and then moved up to domestic dogs. He mutilated his neighbor’s dog, and left it on their porch. They never knew it was him, and he continued to do other petty crimes throughout his teenage years. Once he left high school, he perused a masters degree for video game design and used it for modding old games on the NES, N64, ECT. He then had a new lust to kill; he never had killed anyone in his life. So he chooses one of his victims from a bar, and brutally murdered him in a alley near the bar. He was never caught, and the case went cold. He was satisfied, for now, but it was soon he became hungry for more. He already experienced murder, so he wanted to be more creative. This is when I came in. He made a about Majoras mask. He didn’t want to kill just some random guy; he decided to stalk my friend Michael. Once Michael downloaded the mod, Alex snatched his IP and traced it to his house. He stalked the house in hopes that Michael would see the mod and be severely creeped out. Then he would have killed him, but waited due to the fact Michael thought he broke it so stopped trying to get on. So then I call Michael, and I asked if I could borrow Majoras Mask. At the time Alex had already tracked me down, and waited for me to play. I did, and had the desired effect. But he wanted me to continue, so after a few days I did. He hacked my computer, and phone through his iPhone, so when I continued the Mask Salesman would pop up. Then he would murder me, but ended up failing due to his identity being blown. I was amazed and interested in Alex, he was going to jail for life for the murder of Brian Mcallister (His first victim) and the attempted murder of me. Also he was charged for hacking me and Michael, but that made no difference since he was going to jail for life. No chance of parole or Bail. I was happy to see that asshole go, but admittedly he was intriguing. I will not play majoras mask ever again thanks to my new fear. I can’t watch anything involving the mask salesman or even alluding to that thing. I’ll have this visible twinge of pain on my face. In a way, Alex won. I shouldn’t have continued.

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