Life After Us

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What follows is a Crappypastata. Beware, Crappypastas are terrifying short horror stories of varying quality, but usually, they are all bad. Any similarities to real-life events, people, places, or quality writing is purely unintentional.

These posts have received minimal editing for formatting and grammar to preserve your sanity.


Life After Us

They’re coming for me, I know they are. I can hear them in the hallways trashing the place looking for me, but they’ve already found me.

They know I’m here, they’re just toying with me trying to get me to break, but I’m not going to play their insidious game. I will win this; I have to win this for my own sanity.

If I do die tonight, I hope I go quickly not slowly. I don’t want to feel them tearing me apart piece by piece. I should have left when I had the chance.

God, why didn’t I leave? I guess my own self-pride got in the way or maybe I was too afraid to run; either way I screwed up.

I can hear them outside, they’re going through the house, room by room ripping everything apart just like they’re going to do to me when they find me.

They’re no longer human, they look like humans, move, and talk like them too but they’re not. With their eyes as black as coal, they are creatures truly evil. They are something much more insidious.

They act like animals always hunting in packs, like wolves stalking their prey down for days until they’ve cornered it then they move in for the kill. They don’t kill their own, they only kill the ones that are “normal”, but in reality, they may be the normal ones.

This isn’t the zombie apocalypse or some plague that rose up from the plains of Africa, this is the handy work of Mother Nature trying to cleanse the world of the monsters we have become. We have let our culture spiral out of control and now, this is the price we must endure for the sins we have committed.

Not everyone turned into these creatures; however, some of us didn’t change at all. It was just a select few that changed around the world.

People tried fighting against them, but they always lose the battles. These things are a lot smarter and stronger than what they look like. They plan their killing trapping you in places where they know escape is no longer an option for you then they make their move.

They kill without remorse it’s as if killing brings some kind of enlightenment to the darkness that lives inside the deepest part of their souls.

These creatures might be your best friends from high school, your brother, your sister, your own children but they are no longer the kind-hearted people they use to be. You can no longer trust anyone in fear that they are a monster.

You don’t realize how quickly society can break down into anarchy. Our world has become a house of cards and if you remove just one, everything comes crashing down.

I was in my college dorm when the world began to fall into pieces. I could hear the gunshots echoing from the streets below and the screams bellowing down the hallway as those creatures made their way into my building.

I ran, that’s all I could do was run. I couldn’t fully comprehend what was going on around me, too much adrenaline was being pumped through my body to focus. All I knew was I had to leave Charlotte. I had to get to my family up north. I needed to know that they were okay.

I find it funny though that we forget about the value of family and how much they mean to us until something terrible happens. We let material objects stand in the way of what truly matters and when all of those things become obsolete we run back to our families.

I left the mass hysteria of Charlotte behind me and headed north hoping that the serene mountains of West Virginia would provide some peace to this new world, but they didn’t.

West Virginia seemed to be hit even harder by whatever was happening than Charlotte had been. Things were really bad in West Virginia. I pulled up to my family’s house just as the sun was beginning to disappear in the western sky.

The house looked untouched and for a moment I felt hope. I knew they were safe if those things had gotten them the house would have been destroyed or burned, something that brings pride to those animals after killing.

I knocked a few times on the door and after getting no response I let myself in. I wasn’t braced, however, for what was to come. My father and my sister were lying dead in the middle of the living room. They were holding hands as if they knew that death was coming for them.

I frantically ran from room to room searching for my mother and younger brother trying desperately to find them, but I never did. I’ve been haunted by the thoughts that maybe they were kidnapped by those monsters or maybe they got out of the house safely….or maybe they turned into monsters themselves.

I would rather not know what truly happened to them. If they died I hope it was quick.

I tried searching for them in the surrounding forest until a group of those monsters found me. They chased me down into one of those fancy neighborhoods where I thought I had lost them, but as I said before, they’re a lot smarter than what they look.

I found a house at the end of a dead-end street hidden away by trees; that’s the house I took shelter in, and that’s the same house that I’m going to die in.

I’m trapped inside a master bedroom locked in the closet writing down my last moments of life before death comes to claim my soul.

I’ve played death’s game for too long and now it's game over for me. I’m not fit to live in this new world only the strong can survive and I’m weak. Oh god….

They’ve found me.

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