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My Life as a Teenage Robot Theory

Remember that show from the early 2000’s called “My Life as a Teenage Robot”? Well the truth behind it is much more complicated then it appears.
Jenny was a young girl with schizophrenia. When she was younger it was mild. But one day, when her mother was in the kitchen cooking dinner, Jenny began to have a seizure and shoved her Mother’s face into boiling water. Her dad, unaware of what was going on, was sleeping downstairs so he couldn’t stop her. Her mom died and the house caught on fire, and Jenny escaped with her life.
After her house burned down along with her parents, Jenny was taken into the custody of her abusive grandmother who would always beat her. Jenny became guilty and depressed about her parents dying. She didn’t have any friends. As her depression worsened, so did her schizophrenia. Jenny began to spend a lot of time on the computer playing games on the internet. Her favorite was this online game where she could be any type of super hero she wanted. She chose to be a robot. She would play the game for hours on end, and when she wasn’t playing it she would imagine she was a robot in real life. One day, Jenny had another seizure and strangled her grandmother. After her grandmother’s death she would hallucinate a lot more than before.
She was taken into a mental-asylum. But Jenny still hallucinated about being in a world where she was a robot and she’d save the world all the time. Mrs. Wakeman always putting stress on Jenny with missions resembled her grandmother putting her in pain by beating her. Brad and Tuck represented kids in her neighboor hood. Brad was special-needs which explains why he’s so dopey in the show. The Space Bikers represented a gang of teens who always destroyed Jenny’s things which represents how reckless they were. Skyway patrol represented the people who took her into a mental-asylum. They always tried to take her into the asylum several times prior before they actually succeeded which represented them constantly trying to shut her off. Vexus was Jenny’s other aunt who always tried to get her to come into her custody but her grandmother convinced Jenny she was evil which is why she always refuses to join the “clusters”. The cluster army represented her bratty cousins who would always annoy her whenever she visited her aunt. Brit and Tiff resembled some girls at her school who always bullied her and made fun of the way she looked. Sheldon represented a perverted teenager who always stalked and sexually harassed Jenny. The XJ series actually represented one person in her life. Her little sister who was never born. She was a stillborn and Jenny never knew what her sister would be like so she imagined many personalities in individual beings.

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Credit To – Renee Kilroy and Alyssa Gebhardt

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