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“The Last Christmas”

“The Last Christmas”


I…Promise I’m not insane. You don’t have to believe me. Whatever happened stays in my head it follows me it never leaves.

Now if you read this it will follow you too. Don’t believe me? What is that behind you?

Well, I will tell you what happened. It was going to be a nice Christmas out in the woods of Canada. We rented a cabin out there…

Worst mistake of my life as soon as we entered there was something wrong… The air as thick as fog taking our breath’s away. I recovered quickly and said to unpack everyone else did so we were eventually at ease…

But when we got into bed that night the tapping. My wife heard nothing so I tried to sleep. Eventually, it stopped but the next night it got worse…

The tapping was louder this time and this time whispers came as well. I got up to go check upstairs getting annoyed… The tapping stopped immediately when I moved I got back into bed and it stopped for the night.

I told my kids and asked them if they heard it they said no. For one night the tapping stopped but the whispers came alone…

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I tried to sleep but I couldn’t so I made myself something to eat downstairs. I ate came back up no whispers. Satisfied I went to bed.

Eventually, everything stopped until it was Christmas eve night. There were shrieks and screams I awoke my wife gone it was in the attic I ran up there all my children and wife lay a small little figure stand in the corner alone.

I walked towards it angry and scared it turned around I saw it’s face it had the face of an elf in movies I have seen. It hissed and ran shrieking and screaming towards a huge bulge in the room and disappeared I went towards it to be punched by 10 no 20 of all the elves that were there and in a few minutes, they were gone…

I fell asleep bleeding my last sight of my family mutilated horribly…

Now I awoke in a hospital they drove me to court. Called me insane so I couldn’t have a trial I tried to tell them of the elves they wouldn’t believe me…

Now I sit in this room alone still hearing the shrieks and hissing and all of the madness that went down in that cabin…

Credit To – Codfatherjr


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