Kill Guy

Kill Guy

There was one time a guy who was a murder. He thought to kill lots of guys so he did.

1 day the man tried to kill a guy but it wasn't a guy. It was really a monster! So the man ran home and was sad for his murder.

He said never kill more guys so he didn't except one guy. It was his girlfriend who was not knowing about his crimes. And then she was dead so he had blood on his scarf.

If you ever see a murder guy run or he might get you.

Credit To: Wan Sung


Thanks for stopping by and reading this “Geek Short Stories – CrappyPastas” post. 

Brian's Banal Belvedere:

Kill Guy was a YouTuber's #1 post on one of his Top Ten lists of CrappyPasta Stories.

It is evident why. It was in all caps. I fixed that. There were so many misspelled words that I had to correct most of them otherwise Google absolutely destroys us on the post.

For such a short story, there were horrific grammatical errors. I fixed a couple of those but left a few for posterity.

What's left?  Still, a short and unsweetened crappy story for all to enjoy.

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