5 Keys To Success That Will Help You Thrive In 2019

There is no need to re-emphasized the fact that some things are keys to success in our lives. Today, we have a renowned entrepreneur and blogger with us. He runs a series of podcasts and has interviewed countless entrepreneurs and people who are successful financially.

Today, Chi Odogwu will be sharing with us the secret keys to success he had learned from successful people he has been privileged to interview on his podcast.

Enter Chi Odogwu

These individuals come from all walks of life and are from around the world, yet their success secrets have proven to be simple and repeatable. As you start to plan for 2019, I want to share with you some of the lessons these millionaires have shared with me that have helped them experience tremendous growth in their personal and professional lives. For the past four years, I have interviewed over 200 world-class entrepreneurs for my weekly podcast, the bulletproof entrepreneur, to learn their secrets of success. From best-selling authors, Fortune 500 CEOs, startup millionaires, tech titans, and even a bonafide Billionaire in USD.

I believe that entrepreneurs in Nigeria can achieve the same global impact if they are willing to put in the work and learn the principles of success. Here are the five keys to success I learned from interviewing 200 world-class entrepreneurs.

1. There Is No Magic Trick Or Shortcut To Success.

Unfortunately, in Nigeria, we've been sold a lie that there is a trick or shortcut to success. Whether it is by joining politics or waiting for “breakthroughs” to fall from God, the belief is that one day, suddenly, over-night, you will “get-rich-quick” and become a millionaire/billionaire. The reality is, the truth is harder to swallow than a lie, and that's why many fall for it.

There is no shortcut to lasting success. It is a long, lonely, and often difficult road. A road filled with many trials and triumphs. Yet you have to treat your few successes and many failures with equanimity. That's why genuinely successful entrepreneurs around the world can start over many times and eventually succeed even if their businesses fail repeatedly. The secret sauce is you have to have the discipline to show up every day and ply your craft or trade even when you don't feel like it. Success shows up in small, consistent daily actions and not in large grand gestures.

2. Become A Thought Leader To Attract The Right Clients

A thought leader is someone who has expertise in a particular area coupled with a proven track record of obtaining results. You don't become a thought leader by reading a few tweets, articles, and writing “thought leader” in your Instagram and Linkedin bio.

Thought leadership requires intensive study of your craft, constant practice, and consistent teaching and sharing of your observations with your peers and up and coming professionals.

Research shows that there are very few Nigerians publishing high-quality material that can be consumed by a global audience.

However, those who will go the extra mile to produce world-class publications will achieve a level of success that will position them as a global authority with the ability to command huge fees for their services.

3. Avoid the Distractions And Focus On Your Transformation

Social media has exponentially increased the levels of distractions in Nigeria. Many have lost their ability to concentrate or sit quietly and think because they are looking for that next dopamine fix on IG, Twitter, or the gossip blogs.

While you might say that you get your news or valuable information through these channels, I doubt that the information you've obtained thus far has impacted your life in a significant way. But guess what? The publishers of your favorite gossip blogs and Twitter/IG feeds have monetized your inability to focus and create things for yourself. Every time you click, like, share, comment, or argue about the next salacious scandal on your favorite feed, you've traded the most precious commodity, which is your time, and made your favorite blogger richer.

In the book Cable Cowboys, the unauthorized biography of Dr. John Malone (former CEO of Liberty Media Group), Dr. Malone noted that he doesn't own a tv or watch movies. A little bit of context, at one point in time, John Malone, through his company, owned 25% to 40% of all cable TV channels in the USA in the 80s & 90s. He was a backer of BET & CNN when their founders were starting. Coincidentally, the founder of CNN, Ted Turner, is also noted to have never owned or watch  TV himself when he was building his business.

If the two most prominent entrepreneurs in the golden age of television never consumed their product, I can guarantee you that today's social media entrepreneurs don't consume social media. They employ people to manage their feed and summarize the highlights for them. Attention is the currency of the future. And the future is here. If you can build an audience and hold their attention over a long period, you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

4. Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

In most parts of the world, the life expectancy rate has risen. People are living longer thanks to technology and the invention of new drugs. But in Nigeria, not much has changed regarding life expectancy despite the advancements made around the world.

This is primarily due to environmental factors more than anything. We are not conscious of our activities in the world around us. We own carbon dioxide spewing generators and vehicles that release many toxins into the atmosphere. Our garbage has reached enormous proportions that we are experiencing a clear and present danger in our public health system.

Our healthcare system has virtually crumbled due to systemic rot. But despite everything, I am still optimistic that if we take concerted action, things will eventually improve. A few simple actions to take;  first of all, ensure you have your annual physical at the beginning of the year. In early January, see a physician and get all the tests and checks necessary to get a clean bill of health.

Many excellent doctors are still passionate about their calling and do outstanding work despite the challenging environment they work in. Visit one of them. Cut down on unhealthy foods like red meat, carbs, high cholesterol foods, tobacco, alcohol, narcotics, and sugars. Eat plenty of white meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and drink lots of water.

Incorporate an exercise regiment into your daily routine. Whether it is a 20-minute walk in the morning or climbing the stairs rather than taking the elevator. You only need a little bit to get started and build up gradually. Of course, it is essential to know your limits. People do not wake up and run marathons. They train over some time before they subject their bodies to stress. Please note drugs and alcohol are self-destructive substances that will harm you more than anything else. The temporary euphoric high and feelings of happiness cannot compare to the long-lasting adverse effects they have on your mind and body.

5. Success Requires Self-Education

People wrongly believe that going to school means they are educated. Training received in a school only covers the basics to allow you to get a job and earn a living. That is what the school system was created for in the industrial age; to train workers who will operate the factory equipment for a few hours a day and then go home.

Wealth creation requires a different kind of education not received in schools. It involves exposing yourself to ideas and influences that will open your mind and challenge your thinking. Thankfully it is cheaper to get access to life-changing education today than it has been in all of recorded history. From educational podcasts to free books and videos, you are only a few clicks away from getting the right information you need to succeed. The beautiful thing is that successful people love to share their wisdom and want to see other people succeed. People who hoard their knowledge come from a scarcity mindset because they cannot create successful ventures out of thin air.

Wrap It Up!

So there you have it the five keys to success that will help you thrive in 2019. Though this is the distilled wisdom of over 200 entrepreneurs, you can listen to each podcast by searching for “The Bulletproof Entrepreneur” on your favorite podcast platform or going to my website at www.odogwu.com to learn more.

image of chi odogwuHi, I'm Chi Odogwu

I teach business owners, authors, executives, and entrepreneurs how to attract their ideal clients and grow their businesses using online marketing strategies.

Visit my website at www.odogwu.com to learn more.



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