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Juniper Woods

[DISCLAIMER]: This is not referencing the Juniper Woods near New York in the USA. Near where I live(which I won’t reveal), there is a forest. Local people called it Juniper Woods, as it was close by to the street known as Juniper Lane. Enough with the TL;DR disclaimers, you want the creepy.

Crunch, crunch, crunch. The dried leaves below my boots crinkled as I strolled deeper into the forest. I trod on a broken oak wood sign. It read; ‘Juniper Woods: BEWARE’. I thought nothing of it and continued down into the darkness.

It was only last week when people started to mysteriously disappear into Juniper Woods, myself – being the curious person I was – I decided to enter those woods. It was getting darker and darker and the shadows twisted around the tree branches. I looked behind me, the sign wasn’t there despite the fact I had only walked a few metres since I last saw it. Things were getting strange.

In the distance, a light pierced the dense fog. It was a cabin. I dashed toward it. Inside was a tall, middle-aged man around the age of 40. I knocked on the door, and he opened it, welcoming me inside. I asked him, “Do you know about any of the disappearances around these parts?” The man didn’t reply, he just shook his head. I asked if I could stay for the night and he agreed. He pulled out a small inflatable mattress for me and gave me a small coat to use as a blanket. He sat down to sleep on the sofa across the other side of the cabin.

It was getting late. I checked my watch. The batteries had gone. I turned my flashlight off and decided to get some sleep. I was suddenly woken up by loud banging sounds from outside. The man was gone. I heard some scratching too, like someone was running their nails down the side of the cabin. I sat up on the mattress. I heard a thump from outside, then again, then a sound that was like someone banging trash cans together. I got up and peered through the window on the cabin. I saw the man lying on the ground, unconscious, before seeing what looked like a young child dragging him away.

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I was starting to get paranoid. I slipped on my boots and ran outside. It was raining, badly. The man was gone, along with the other figure. There were scratches along the wall of the cabin and there was rubbish everywhere. I figured the man was knocked out by being hit by the can. Not knowing what had happened, I ran deeper into the forest. I reached an open patch of dirt, where I stopped to regain some breath.

The person who was dragging the man away was getting closer to me. I could get a clearer look at their facial features. They had a grey coat on, and underneath that there was a black gingham shirt. It appeared to be male. Fearing my own life, I turned and ran, but he saw me and gave chase. He was quick on his feet, catching up to me in seconds. I picked up my pace, before slipping on the muddy ground and falling backwards onto my back. At that point, all I could see was his face, a cricket bat, and then darkness…

I woke up some time later, where I saw the man from the cabin, and others. They were all people who had disappeared! The person who had chased me down was gone, the only thing other than dead bodies was a phone. My stomach hurt and I was dehydrated. It picked up the phone, clicking the power button. Thankfully, it still had some life left in it. I punched in 999, to see if I could tell the emergency services… But the signal was down. I was terrified. I looked behind me, seeing a wood chipper. I was even more scared. The man must be collecting lost people from the forest and shredding them in wood chippers! The man returned. Seeing as I was still alive, he picked me for the most painful way out. I tried to push him back, but it was too late, he kicked me in the stomach and I fell to my knees.

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“See you later…”

I heard the wood chipper turn on. He pressed my head on the metal. I closed my eyes. As I thought all hope was lost, a policeman rushed to the scene. The man dropped me and I fell to the ground. I rolled under the wood chipper as the man attacked the police officer. I felt queasy. Seeing this as a chance for my escape, I dashed for the fence. I stopped as the man stumbled backwards. He tripped over my back and onto the wood chipper. In a display of blood and gore, his body was shredded completely. Not thinking of anything else, I ran for the trail back to the cabin.

It was getting brighter as the sun rose. I picked up some supplies from the cabin and dashed out of the woods.

While that murderer may not be at large anymore, I’d advise you not to head down to Juniper Woods. Or this same story may happen to you.

Credit: Jack Tansley
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Not much is known about Brian Z. Some say it's because he is secretly preparing for the Z poc, others say it's because of the "incident" at Chicago Walker Stalker Con. All that we know for certain is he loves sci-fi, horror, and zombies.

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