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When I was younger, my parents took me and my brother to the local circus every year. I love everything about the place, except for one thing. The clowns. I remember walking in on my babysitter when she was watching the movie “It”. I was scared out of my wits. We never had that babysitter again, to say the least. After that, I was always afraid the clowns at the circus would magically turn into Pennywise. My younger always loved the clowns. Every time we went to McDonald’s as kids, he would throw a tantrum if he didn’t get to see Ronald. I however, would hide in the bathroom until Ronald went away. One year, when I was about 13, we went to the circus as always. During the elephant act, I had to take a leak, so I got down from the bleachers and headed towards the bathroom. On the way there, I saw the clowns huddled around a fire. Odd, I thought to myself. I stepped a little closer and saw something burning in the fire, but before I could get a closer look…”HEY KID, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING????” Crud!! One of the clowns had seen me!! I ran towards the bathroom like the Devil himself was chasing me. I hid in the stall for a little while until I heard the door open. I looked under the stall door, and saw what looked like clown shoes. “Colton, where are you??” one of the clowns called. How did he know my name?? “Come’ere Colton, we just want you to join us.” they whispered. I waited till they left, then I left the bathroom. Little did I know that they were right outside waiting for me, I ran like the wind back to the bleachers. I got back, and quickly sat down next to my mom. The clowns eventually found me. Terrified, I gathered all my courage and punched one of the clowns. “COLTON?!?!?” my mother screamed. “Sorry about that, Colton…” one of the clowns said “…we just wanted to give you a free membership to our Junior Clown Club.” “Why thank you!!” my mother said. It’s been over 10 years since that happened, but I can still hear them chanting “Join us, Colton, join us.”
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Not much is known about Brian Z. Some say it's because he is secretly preparing for the Z poc, others say it's because of the "incident" at Chicago Walker Stalker Con. All that we know for certain is he loves sci-fi, horror, and zombies.

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