Buy Nothing Update – Month 1

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Alright, so 20 days have gone by since I announced, along with the Happy Philosopher, that I will buy nothing. There are some caveats like I will not be accounting for food or what my wife buys. She does the shopping for groceries, kitchen stuff, and our son's stuff. She, however, is not buying me stuff…not stuff I directly I want.

So how has it gone to buy nothing?

  • January 10th– Ordered a nose hair clipper from Amazon. Gotta keep looking sharp for the misses. Plus, grooming should be a part of adult living.
  • January 11th– Both a retainer from the orthodontist. I figure medical expenses are allowed. I also received a free t-shirt from them. That brings my tally of t-shirts to 8…two of which are pre-fire, and 6 are post-fire. That picture of the t-shirt up top was pulled out of a bin in the garage the day before the fire. I washed it and happened to where it the night of the fire. It was prized before and even more so now…there are 6 other folks out there with it and they know the significance of it.
  • January 12th – 24th – Surprisingly I bought nothing but food over this time. I did get a free t-shirt from my brother…so that is 2 free t-shirts this month.
  • January 25th – I purchased a microphone for an upcoming podcast I will be doing. This was a replacement to a fire item I lost, but a purchase none the less. I also ended up buying a hanger for a picture frame and ant baits. Yup, our home is infested with ants. Finally, a yoga mat. I am getting my groove back. I started yoga (something new for me, but hopefully that will get me in shape). So that one I consider a fail, but at least it was for my health.
  • January 26th – A yoga mat. I started yoga this past week. It is a 6 AM class and I figure it will allow me to exercise and still maintain my time for my son. I would rather be doing kung fu, but those classes are from 5:30 to 6:30 PM, prime kid time. Let's hope it sticks.
  • The rest of the month – Nothing. I spent 2 days looking for a blue suit as I no longer own one. I am going to a business meeting to DC in 2 weeks and realized I should have one. After looking for 2 days, I found nothing of quality and so abandoned the idea for now. Instead, I will be wearing dress pants, a shirt, tie, and sweater for my meeting. I think it will be professional enough…I will buy a suit soon but would rather get a high-quality one than just the first thing I see on the rack.


Screen Shot 2018 01 14 at 7.26.53 AM
Stupid thing I almost bought.

Stupid things I thought of buying but didn't.

  • A circus elephant lamp. Yup, I liked it and it was even further reduced in price. My wife wisely reminded me we do not need a lamp, particularly that lamp.

Useful things I could have bought but didn't.

  • A level. Turns out my phone has one built in.
  • A measuring tape. I used string instead. See below.

Things my wife bought that I may have

  • A measuring tape. As mentioned above, I did not want to buy one, but she is buying a rug and wanted to measure the floor…so now we have a measuring tape.

What I learned

Surprisingly, it seems like I no longer crave a lot of stuff. This was not something that happened this month, but a habit I have been cultivating for a few years. It feels good to not want stuff.

I do still spend on food, coffee, and booze. This is my biggest purchase but is expected. The goal of this year is not to spend less per se (though I suspect that is a by-product of not buying stuff), but to see if I can get by with what I have.

Screen Shot 2018 01 29 at 9.56.48 PM
Minimalists approved? Maybe chic minimalist.

My wife did buy a bunch of stuff this month. Mainly clothes for her and my son (We are going to Tahoe next month!) and furnishings for the house. I do get a benefit from the furnishings, but it is not something I would necessarily purchase myself. I am no longer the perfectly curated apartment in “Fight Club”.

But I am also not ready for this…



My wife says I am an extreme minimalist…I guess time will tell. For now, I am just being more aware. It will be interesting to see where this goes month to month. The only expense I see coming up is my suit, but who knows.


What are your thoughts on this experiment? Stupid? Interesting? Pointless? All three? Let me know.

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