IT-The Lost Sequel

I remember it being cold and wet,the family had to decide what to do rather than go to a fun park. We had planned to go to a fun park,but none of us bothered to check the weather. We had sat for at least an hour in family discussion,until I came up with the idea of going down town to the shopping mall. The family thought it was a great idea and we also could get something nice out of it! But if i knew what was in store for us,i would never have brought the idea up in the first place..

When we arrivied at the shopping centre,mum and my sister went straight for the hollister shop,so me and dad knew we wouldnt have to worry about them for a while. We looked through a few shops,really straight in then straight out again. We decided we would get a smothie and a slice of cake to pass the time. But on our usual walk to the café,we noticed a store that we had never seen before, although we came here quite often. It looked like a run down movie store. Outside,there was a sign saying, ‘FOR SALE!’ on a red sign in white writing. There was another one aswell though, it read, ‘DANGER:KEEP OUT’ in block capitals amd red writing. Of course,dad decided to ignore it.

As we entered the what once was a store,a foul stench of rotted cheese or something similar filled the air,causing me and dad to hold our noses. We browsed the DVD section hundreds of times. But we’d seen almost all of the movies there. We were about to take the movie ‘The Poltergiest’ as we were th big horror fans,but something made my dad turn to the counter. It was then he realised that the ‘STAFF ONLY’ door was opened. He grabbed my arm and pulled me towards it. We peered through the door and all we seen was rotted lunch. We weren’t planning on going in,until i seen another shelf of DVD’s.

I dashed straight in to see what they were. They were stacked up neatly and were very dusty. I rubbed away some of the just on each of them. They looked like the store owners favourite movies. I hadnt seen any of them though,and none of them were out in the actual store. The movies were, ‘The Exorcism’, ‘The God Father’, ‘Marley And Me’, ‘The Crazies’, ‘IT’ and ‘Twilight’. My dad said that he had seen all of them. He told me we should take the movie ‘IT’ with us,as Stephen King is his favourite author and ‘IT’ is one of his favourite books, so i took it off the shelf and away we went.

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That night after dinner,me and dad went off to the guest room where the biggest TV was. We slipped in the DVD, sat up on the couch and waited for the main title to come on. It must of been about 3 or 4 miutes of a black screen until a picture of a balloon showed up with the option ‘play’. My dad said that that wasnt what came up as the title picture when he got it. We rubbed away the rest of the dust from the case to see if it was special features or smethng, but to our suprise,it said, ‘IT 2’. Dad said that he never knew that there was a second one,but we clicked play anyway.

It started off with some children sitting on a bench at school. They were deep in discussion. They were talking about something that each of them had seen several times,something called ‘Pennywise’. They were talking about it for a while and then it changed scene. The next few scenes were each one went homr and talked to their parents about it and it seemed that the parents had seen this creature too. It then went to a series of events to do with a clown,I think that was Pennywise. After the first death of one of the gang,it started to get eerie. The gang decided to split up amd go different places. Eachtime Pennywise killed one,he would look at the screen and laugh while holding up a certain amount of fingers. There was aout 7 children in the gang so it seemed that he was counting down the children next. But then we found out he wasnt. When it came to the death of the 3rd child, he turned to the camera and said, ‘London’. We lived in London.  It would of made sense if the movie was made in england,but it was made in america.

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When he killed the 4th child,he turned to the camera. He did the same thing as usual,said, ‘London’ again, but this time, his eyes were bloodshot. When he killed the 5th, he did the exact same as last time,only his voice was deeper. When he was about the kill the 6th, dad said we needed to get out of the house. I tried to pause it but Pennywise laughed and it wouldnt pause. Me and dad went to make a rum for it and get the rest of the family when we heard, ‘Stop right there.’ we turned around and Pennywise was looking at us through the tv. ‘Dont try to run away,i sill catch you. I will find you and rip out your insides and let you die a slow and painful death’. I started to cry and Pennywise laughed. Dad called the police and they said they would get here soon,but he just killed the 6th child, which meant we was almost in London. Suddenly,dad ran to the TV and unplugged the tv and DVD player. The screen went blank.

We cried in relief. Whatever it was,was gone. Well,for least.

Credit To: Mia Quinn twitter name: MiaaQuiinn

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