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Hey, what’s up all you money geeks out there! My name is Todd, I run the personal finance and investing blog Invested Wallet.

Before I dive in below any further, wanted to thank Michael for allowing me to be a part of this cool series, Best of the Web.

 About Invested Wallet

I live about an hour northeast of Philadelphia, PA in a town called Bethlehem, where I’ve lived all of my 30 (almost 31 years) of life. I’m a huge music nerd, finance geek, and marketing buff. I’m also a big fan of adventuring and hiking with my girlfriend. Last year we drove to, camped, and hiked in about 17 national and state parks in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and Missouri.

I work full-time for a start-up as the Head of Marketing and in my spare time I run Invested Wallet. On the blog, I cover my journey to financial independence, investing, side hustles, and how others with zero finance background can make serious improvements. I too knew very little about finances and investing prior to 2014 when I took steps to learning.

My blog value statement is “Personal finance and investing for beginners and beyond.”

3 Awesome Posts I’m Digging Right Now

The Math That Explains Why Net Worth Goes Crazy After the First $100k

I only recently came across Four Pillar Freedom’s blog, but I love what Zach is doing on his website. He works in data science, so he does a lot of cool charts and visualizations of personal finance, it’s quite nifty.

But he is also a pretty awesome writer. While this post is now just over a year old, I think it still holds so much value now too. First, many people might be looking to get to that first $100k saved or invested. I’m working on that right myself and should hit the number in 2019.

This post serves as a great explainer as to why $100k matters and how the math behind it can make your net worth dramatically grow. If you have not read this post or come across his blog, I highly recommend it.


The True Costs of Owning a Home: It May Surprise You

I’ve always been back and forth with homeownership at my age. Many people always ask why my girlfriend and I do not own a home yet, why we “waste” money on renting, etc.

For one, we don’t know where we want to live and secondly, we like to not have the potential headaches of homeownership just yet. We really want to make sure financially that we are secure, prepared, and know where we’d like to live for a few years.

This is where Vital Dollar’s great post about the true costs of owning a home also put this into light. I also think, it is a great breakdown for those looking to make that decision too. The article is not to scare you off completely, but to help prepare you before you rush to buy a home.


Creative Ways To Save Money Today: 27 Experts Share Tips On Ways To Save More Money

Another awesome finance blogger out there comes from our neighbor up north in Canada, called Making Momentum.

Problem with many money saving articles out there, is they say the same old things! Cut back on coffee, pack your lunch, etc. It’s not exactly groundbreaking information.

What I like about this article is he asked a whole bunch of personal finance bloggers their unique ways of saving money. A few, of course, you may have heard of or have done, but there are some creative money saving tips in here.

You’ll get everything from saving money on food, couponing, recycling, energy savers, negotiating t

Invested Wallet Post You Might Like (And Explains My Approach to Financial Freedom)

Financial Freedom Is Not About Money, It’s About Living Your Best Life

I only started my blog in late June 2018 and I wrote this one pretty early. But, it was also one of my first to be syndicated on Rockstar Finance. It was awesome to be featured there and get my message out to a larger audience.

It’s not my most viewed post, but is approaching 1,000 views right now.

A lot of times we get caught up in accumulating money to buy more material things. Whether that is a bigger house, fancier car, more luxurious traveling, or expensive clothing and jewelry.

I think financial freedom gets that stigma attached to it more often for those that are maybe not in finances or pursuing FIRE.

Additionally, when people realize how aggressive I am in making money or saving money now, they tend to think it’s to boast or to buy all those things mentioned above.

Sure, I’m not against treating yourself from time to time. But financial freedom is so much more than that.

For me, It’s about living my best life, which means:

  • Less stress and worry about finances
  • The freedom to choose what time to wake up (no alarms!) or when to work
  • The ability to travel and take a vacation without racking up credit card debt to pay for it
  • If I lose my job, can I cover the expenses for a while?
  • Being able to start a passion project, help others, etc.

I hope this message can resonate with more people.

Geeky Fact

I think writing about personal finances and investing is pretty geeky, right? I know my teenager-self would be calling me a nerd right now. Ha!

But, besides finances, I’m a huge music geek. Back in 2010 I actually created a music blog that is still live on the internet today, but I don’t actively post on it. I’d cover everything from indie rock, hip hop, reggae, pop, and beyond.

Music has always been something I loved listening to and discovering. My friends would ask me for the latest or create playlists of artists they never heard of, so decided blogging would be the easier route.


Thank you, Todd, for hosting this weeks Best of the Web. – Michael


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