Top 10 Indie Gaming Blogs

There are plenty of places to grab information on that next popular video game release!

But what about those fantastic independent games we don’t hear enough about? Where can we find that information?

Those that love indie games are often searching for the next best unique release!

 Some of you may be saying, what is an Indie Game?

The term ‘indie’ is just a shortened version of ‘independent.’ It indicates that the developers not only created the game but also took care of the marketing and everything else that’s required to launch a new title successfully.

In other words, an indie game is made without the help of a publisher.

Need an example? Ever hear of the insanely popular Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice?

This game was created by a small team called Ninja Theory, who made a real-time gaming experience we had never seen before.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a place to find all the latest and greatest indie game coverage?

Say no more! We are here to assist with all your indie game coverage desires with this list of the Top 10 Indie Gaming Blogs!

Top 10 Indie Gaming Blogs!

Indie DB

From Indie DB, they aim to support independent developers and their games, by providing them with a place to showcase their hard work (in-progress or complete) to fans seeking new gaming experiences. The page itself is well organized, with an abundance of information and options.

Everything is broken down by platform, games, articles, and more!

Indie DB covers all aspects of independent gaming, from reviews to platform breakdowns. It is an impressive page that will leave you sifting through new gaming options and reviews for hours.


Gamasutra is a gaming-based blog that focuses on the art and business of making games. They cover video game industry news, developer blogs, and have daily delivered features.

The website itself has multiple different options and tabs to choose from. They cover everything from programming through to art and game design.

This site is unique in that it truly covers a wide array of different indie game-related topics. The business side of the market can be truly fascinating to read about as well as the process behind making them.

Check this site out if you want to get fully immersive behind the scenes indie gaming experience!

Fellow Traveller Games

Fellow Traveler Games is an indie game label based in Australia. They work with independent game developers to take their games to audiences around the world!

Their page upon first look is lean and creative. They truly found a way to portray some unique ways to express their interest. Even their avatars in the About Us section are donning creative artwork as opposed to regular self-portraits.

As Fellow Traveller Games states,

“We are passionate about the vast and untapped potential of games as a medium. It is our mission to seek out and support the developers and artists pushing at the boundaries of games and to travel with them on their journey into uncharted territory, helping bring their creations into the world and connecting them with players looking for something different.”

The passion for their work shows through their writing as well. I highly recommend this site to find some uniquely entertaining insight into indie games.

Alpha Beta Gamer

Alpha Beta Gamer focuses on blogging about small independent games as well as Indie Game Alpha and Beta tests. Alpha Beta Gamer brings you hundreds of video game alphas, betas, game jams, and student projects.

Their site provides a little bit of everything from indie games to some mainstream game coverage. They even have a spotlight section of their favorite Alpha and Beta tests of Alpha Beta Gamer and awesome all-around games.

Everything is broken down into category sections to help you find what you are looking for. Their articles also include animated video clips to showcase each game.

Both eye-catching and a clean website to navigate, Alpha Beta Gamer is a great one to peruse through!

Indiegala Blog – Chatter About Indie Games on Steam

The Chatter about Indie Games & More!

This one is a bit unique! In addition to articles, The IndieGala organizes sales of independent game bundles that are sold and distributed online at a price determined by the purchaser.

Even better? They are all for free!

With daily new additions, this colorful blog provides some fantastic content covering hidden gems as well as long-forgotten classics. They also offer a gameplay giveaway section for anyone that has some extra room in their Steam store for some awesome freebies.

Want to learn about the latest and greatest indie games with a touch of current gaming news? Then you will have to check this one out!

IGM: All About Gaming Trends Indie Retro News

Indie Game Mag is a gaming community, where game lovers can find useful information about the new gaming trends, reviews, gameplay, and news.

The page itself opens with the option to discover exactly what an Indie game is. It goes on to describe precisely what the indie title means, as well as production processes. The description alone shows their passion for the indie gaming world.

They also do cover consoles, PC, and browser-based games. Amongst their sections to checkout, they have a section dedicated to popular gaming mods.

For a passionate and detailed take on the world of indie gaming, go and check out what IGM has to offer!


True to their statement, the IndieWatch blog does not let any excellent indie game go unnoticed.

You will find articles related to steam greenlight, Indie games, game development, game development tutorials, game reviews, Unreal Engine, Unity 3D, Blender 3D, 3D modeling, and tons more.

They provide a very detailed blog section broken down into multiple different categories. You can check out anything from programming and retro gaming to game music and game dev tutorials. IndieWatch also provides a full section of game trailers for you to peruse while looking through their site.

If you want to get involved, they do have a community section as well, where you can chat with other indie gaming fans!


Retronuke is described as an indie game blog for fans of modern pixelated games. They provide coverage for those with a love of retro & pixel art games.

The site presents all the classic pixelated imagery you would see in your favorite old school games. The details cover all aspects of pixel art indie games. Providing game coverage and trailer clips will give you a whole new list of retro games to try!

If you enjoy the unique and nostalgic aspects of pixelated indie games, I recommend taking a gander at Retronuke!

Indie Gamer Chick

Indie Gamer Chick reviews are very refreshing and straight forward. The page priced itself on being straight forward and honest about its indie gaming reviews.

The page is broken down into game blog reviews based upon a playthrough of the game. They even have an IndieSelect Covid-19 Games for Boredom section tailoring to entertainment during the quarantine.

The best part? The site is self is made up of a collaboration of many different games and opinions. You can contact Indie Gamer Chick and request a free indie game to play. The only catch is that you must give a full and honest review of it after you play. That sounds fair to me!

Full of fun, honest, and straight forward information, the Indie Gamer Chick page is an excellent place to go to find a game that is just right for you!

Indie Game Reviewer: The Best Indie Games

Indie Game Reviewer (IGR) is a genuinely independent opinion site that offers tips on getting into the world of independent game development, exclusive interviews, insider previews, and reviews of the most exciting video games.

This site has a fun mix of reviews, interviews, and a very helpful top-rated games section. The top-rated section is a quick way to jump through to the most popular indie games. If you are looking to go a different route, check out the regular reviews or the archives section.

They pride themselves on running honest reviews of the indie games. Indie game developers can even write into them and request to have their game reviewed! That is a great way to get some fantastic new indie games out there!

For well-rounded reviews or some new exposure for your indie game, check out the Indie Game Reviewer!

The Skinny on The Indie

Whether you are brand new to the Indie gaming world or questing for a new release to add to your Steam collection, these blogs will have an abundant amount of options!

Each of the pages on this list provides some unique aspects! While some focus more on the indie developer, others focus on game marketing or new indie titles.

This list allows gamers to play games that they may have never heard of before. Indie Games are becoming the hidden holy grail in the gamily world, and you now can find it!

What are you waiting for?

Let us know your favorite Indie Games!

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