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If you have not read my letter to my widow then I recommend going over there and reading it now. I thought it was a great idea when I wrote it, explaining everything I would recommend when I die. It could also be used in case of an emergency. As good of an idea as that was, a fellow blogger- Chelsea at Mamma Fish Saves has come up with an even more awesome idea in her In Case of Emergency Binder.

First off, Chelsea is awesome and you should check out her stuff here. She covers money (of course) and living a stress-free life. Second, as someone who has lost everything in a wildfire and left with nothing, I know a thing or two about the need for emergency binders. (If you have not read all I have had to say about the upheaval of losing it all, then check out my posts here.So take my word when I tell you this is a very useful and necessary item in everyone's home.

Oh, and she interviewed some people who had tragedies that would have benefited from this binder (including me!). Check out the interview here. She talks about my advice in the last 10 minutes. You will be even more motivated to get your house in order after hearing the stories from her guests.

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If you click here you can learn more about the In Case of Emergency binder and purchase it!

What is an In Case of Emergency Binder?

This is an all-encompassing binder that can get you prepared for any emergency. When you make the purchase you get a downloadable PDF which you can use as needed. It breaks down into both important day to day information and more sensitive info such as passwords for bank accounts, etc.

Part 1

Some of the items it covers include emergency phone numbers (including family contact information), child care preferences (or pets if you have one- We do and she is adorable), medical information, insurance policies (this is quite important as I have mentioned numerous times before), tax and property information (including bills, cash and credit card accounts, and those debts you wish you could forget). These items should be easily accessible to people in your home. 


Part 2

The other items include sensitive information such as where to find original documents (hopefully these make it out with you in an emergency), investment and email accounts and strategies, employer information, and burial service preferences (though I suggest putting this in your will also). Also, you can keep copies of your vital documents with this binder. As someone who lost all of his vital documents, I know of the cost and pain in the bottom needed to require these again.

One interesting part of the binder that was not pertinent to me was Military information. Chelsea has made sure to not forget this important part of planning for any of our Veterans or active duty members.

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You can click this image to buy the binder for only $29.

Finally, she has space for letters to your loved ones. I use this blog as both my letter and my investing strategy, but for those of you out there not blogging, a letter is key (like the above-mentioned letter to my widow.)

All of these are in easy to follow forms and instructions. This does not clear you of the need to be well insured (I personally am revisiting my disability, term life, and auto/home policies). It also does not get rid of the need for a will or trust (I set mine up through Legal Zoom for a fraction of the cost of an in-person local lawyer), but it is a comprehensive guide and organizer for those moments of need.

How can you get one?

If you are interested in buying a binder, Chelsea is selling them for $29.00 on her site. Or you can click on this cool icon found below.

Really, click below. You don't want to wait to get this. Not that I am an alarmist, but natural disasters are becoming more frequent and there seems to be violence, car wrecks, and illness everywhere. Better to leave your loved ones prepared.

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Final chance! Click here to buy the Emergency Binder!

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