iCant find Carly

I  loved that show, icarly. I remember watching my first episode back in 2006. I was only 8 when I first watched the pilot, kinda sad that it ended. Anyway, on November 21, 2012 right before thanksgiving. I had to stay home from school that day. So I was bored and startd browsing the internet to find the full version of the episode “iget pranky”. I came across an episode on an illegal download website entitled iCant find Carly. I was puzzled. I havnt seen this one before. I just clicked on it and the description said: An unaired episode that was rejected airing on every station of tv, even adult swim. I just wanna share it with you guys. Enjoy.” I clicked on the episode to watch and I was curious but excited and nervous. It was at first a compleley blank white screen with what sounded like carly's screams barely audible though. Ignoring it, I just continued to watch the episode. There was Carly, Sam, Freddie and Gibby. Just like normal they were in Carly's room singing “Baby will you take me”. Sam surprisingly jumps on freddie kissing him and Gibby having his shirt off dancing like a buffoon. The episode has frames repeating themselves. And the audio was never right always too loud or too low. Like going from loud to barely audible. Carly was putting on her jacket saying “I gotta pick up some chinese food for dinner. Stay here dont leave.” She was smiling as she said it. K seeya in a few said Sam and Gibby. I noticed something strange, there was no theme song in this episode. I was highly confused. Carly grabbed her house keys and left out the door. Spencer was making a sculpture that looked like a monkey eating an apple I laughed a little. Then it agian became barely audible and carly's scream was being heard again but that was also barely audible. Then the camera began shaking and spencer was singing in a low pitch voice and his eyes were blood red. Then everything went back to normal with spencer singing in his normal voice his eyes werent red and the camera stopped shaking and the audio was super perfect. Freddie comes downstairs to talk to spencer. “Spencer, I think I love sam” He says. Spencer says “Oh thats cool” without even looking at Freddie. The scene then cuts black and the scene has changed to Carly walking down an empty road with a scared look on her face. She is is carrying a bag of chinese food and she looks lost. She begins to hitchhike for a ride home. She is shivering she is cold. A black BMW pulls up and she enters the car saying “Bushwell plaza please”. The car drives in the darkness and then there is no audio, but small screams. But this time not Carly's but Sam's. The audio cuts and the scene cuts with it. It shows Spencer sitting on the couch. Sam is sitting on the sofa along with Freddie. “OH MY GOSH”  Sam screams. “What?!” screams Sam. “Carly left 5 hours ago. She isnt home!” Screams Sam. “Ill call her says Gibby.” about after 5 minutes of silence he says “I called 7 times, no answer”. Spencer gets up in shock and grabs his cell to call the cops. “Hello, id like to report an missing teenager.” Sam and Freddie are seen running to Mrs. Benson's home and all Sam, Freddie, Mrs. Benson an T-bo are going to search for Carly. The team are at the chinese resturant were Carly got the food from. “Excuse me, did you see a girl with dark hair, a black coat, wearing blue jeans and red converse buy some food in here?” They ask the owner. “Yes, she left 4 hours ago.” The search gang all run out the store searching the road she hitchhiked on. The audio is once again messed up and the camera is shaking. “Carly's cell phone” Says Sam picking up Carly's cell. Freddie says “Where is Carly? Where could she have gone?” The scene cuts to spencer at home telling the cops what Carly was wearing and how long she had been gone. “She left at around 5:30pm, its 10:30pm now.” Says Spencer”. Freddie is making a missing poster saying “Help bring Carly Shay home” with Carly's info and picture on it. It then cuts to he next day with Spencer on the sofa crying his eyes swollen and red and Mrs. Benson comforting him. “If you have any clues of where Carly Shay could be or if you have seen Carly Shay in the past 19 desperate missing hours please call your local police department immediatley.” Says the news anchor woman on television. “Where could she be?” Says Specer sobbing loudly. “She will come home im for sure she will.” Says Sam's mom. “The cops are doing what they can.” Says Sam. The scene cuts to a forest area and a abandoned house in the forest. The Camera goes inside the house and there is a short man with blonde hair. The camera goes to his face revealing thats it Nevel. I scream in terror. Next to him is Carly's dead body with stab wounds in her stomach. She is lying in a pool of blood and her intrails are showing through her stabs. “No more iCarly” Says nevel putting a bloody knife in a baggie labled murder memories along with Carly's shoe, some of her hair cut off and her finger with one of her teeth. He then picks up a big hunk of wood in the floor and places her body under the floor placing the wood back. The screen goes black and you can only hear Carly's last words “Please dont kill me Nevel please, ill give you whatever you want?” That echoed as the show ended. Afterwrds I had major insomnia and nightmares when I could sleep. The episode was removed from the web after like 600 people who downloaded it had sent complaints to the police.

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