Handling The “I Need Money Today” Emergency 

If you are searching Google for “I need money today” chances are you are in need of a quick cash infusion, and cutting expenses and launching a side hustle likely won’t solve your immediate needs. While I encourage you to consider ways to make money or cost-cutting as part of a longer-term plan, there are times, despite your best precautions that you may get hit with an unexpected expense and it may be necessary to borrow.

Should borrowing money be the only viable solution for your  “I need money today” emergency here is what you need to know.

I Need Money Today Loans

Managing one’s financials can be a painstaking process as life can spring a surprise at any moment. With many people living paycheck to paycheck or having barely any savings once the month is over, a sudden surge financial disaster can prove to be unmanageable.

There are several loan options available to choose from, but the red tape can be difficult to navigate through. Getting a loan approved the traditional way requires a solid credit history and credit rating which is difficult people without holding a strong credit history. A thorough background and financial health check is also often done which can be difficult to pass. However, an option that can come to the aid of the creditless cash-crunched could be quick online loans.

Benefits of Online Instant-Loans:

There are several benefits associated with online instant loans which can circumnavigate the challenges posed by traditional loan options. Some of these benefits are:

  1. Quick Application: Filling out loan applications can be a pain with lots of minute details to be filled. Online loan applications are often very easy and can be complicated within minutes. Since online loan providers such as Achieve Finance do not conduct thorough background research, the information needed is very less.
  2. Fast Approval: Cutting out a number of rigorous checks means that the application approval process becomes fast and easy. Providing details of your income, current loans, and repayment capacity is often sufficient for online loan providers to take a decision.
  3. Simple Payment Plans: Such quick online loans usually come with simple monthly payment options which could run for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, or smaller loans that can be paid back very quickly as early as your next payday. The loan amount and the repayment installments are decided based on your income, repayment capacity, industry credit scoring and the lender’s loan product.
  4. Simple Terms and Conditions: One must understand that securing a loan means getting into a legally binding contract with the loan provider. For traditional loans, the terms and conditions can be extremely long-winded and difficult to understand without the help of a lawyer or a CPA. There have been cases where people have been harassed and troubled over fine prints they could not follow. In the case of online loans, the contract document is much simpler. As you read and sign your contract, the amount is credited directly to your account.


Following are some of the online loans that can be applied for easily and quickly when in need of cash:

  • Payday Loans: Extremely popular amongst everyone, payday loans are the way to go whenever you feel “I need money today.” Companies like Achieve Finance usually get most requested for payday loans as these loans do not typically require a traditional credit check hence your fico credit history does not necessarily come into the picture. The amount is disbursed quickly, and you can pay it off a week or so later with your next paycheck. It is a simple, easy and effective way to get a temporary cash boost. But payday loans are usually disbursed for smaller amounts from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.
  • Cash Advance: Another solid option to obtain a quick loan online, there are two benefits of the latter over payday loans. The loaned amount can be slightly higher than Payday loans and repayment is not required with the next paycheck. While users get more cash and more time to repay the loan, the document check remains simple without credit history being a major factor.
  • Online Installment Loan: These loans are used for larger requirements such as vacations, home improvements or major medical expenditures. The credit check is moderate but not too hard. With these loans, the amount secured is usually high and it can be paid back in easy installments.
  • Online Personal Loan: The personal loan is usually for situations when one needs a large sum of money fast. While applying for online personal loans is easier than the traditional model, a significant credit history check is conducted before disbursing such a loan.

While the options and the potential to achieve an instant financial boost seem enticing, there are certain caveats to these loans as well. Following are some of the caution’s users must exercise before availing these loans:

  1. Do Not Get Addicted To Easy Money: With limited credit history check and fast disbursal, it is easy to fall back to payday loans when in a bind but the interest rates on these loans can be quite high. Hence payday loans should be used only when necessary and capacity of repayment is certain.
  2. Missed Payments: Online loan services are useful for crunch situations, but the considerable high-interest rates as compared to traditional loans can prove tough if you miss a single payment.
  3. Apply Only When Needed: While some people enjoy vacations or new cars after taking easy online loans, Achieve Finance strictly suggests applying for online loans when there is really an emergency such as a medical expenditure, to pay off other loans or take care of a business that cannot be avoided.

Careful consideration, planning and availing only when needed can make online instant loans the best financial tool by your side. Be sure to check online and research all the options extensively before you actually go ahead and apply for the loan.

Don’t Let a Short-Term Solution Become a Long-term Problem

Payday loans, quick cash loans, and “I need money today” loans should be used sparingly and only when you have exhausted all other options. The interest rates on these loans are typically high and if used consistently will only add to your financial problems. The best course of action is to create a budget and look for ways to minimize expenses and develop ways to increase your income.

Note: if you find you are needing to use short term loans to cover payments on your other debts, or if your financial obligations are affecting your physical or emotional health, personal life, or professional life you may need with a lawyer or non-profit credit counselor about your options. There is no shame in seeking help!


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