I Know You’re Awake

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I Know You're Awake


I can't sleep. It's here again, watching over me. Silently.

It used to just be in the corner, passing as a shadow, but gradually got closer and closer with every passing night. Now it's right beside me, so close I can hear and feel the air it’s breathing and releasing.

It's not human. Its eyes are sunken in, surrounded by red, irritated skin, but you can see the piercing black eyes so clearly. Its mouth is constantly open but in different variations.

Sometimes it's screaming, but no noise is released from its throat. Other times it’s just smiling, its eyes looking at me as if to show it’s waiting, almost excited to see the horror on my face.

Then there are the short periods of time where it's frowning. Its eyes are glaring through me, the skin of where the eyebrows should be, folding over them, its face angry and distorted.

Its arms and legs were as thin as twigs, fingers reaching to around 20 centimeters long. They feel like pins as they stroke the tough skin against my back while I pretend to sleep every night.

But this night was different. The creature had not come close to me at all, the last time I had sight of it was at 11:34 pm. It is now 2:12 am, and the screaming from my parent's room had stopped, an eerie silence drifting around like a bad smell.

I hear the footsteps that I instantly recognize as the creatures, my heart beating faster as I shut my eyes. I hear the sounds of fabric dragging against the floor, and then a loud thump from the wall opposite the bed I was currently on.

A few minutes later, the same noise rang in my ears, but this time the footsteps didn't go away. Instead, I heard dragging against the old paint of the wall, shutting my eyes tighter as my imagination wonders as to what could be happening behind the skin of my eyes.

Something shifts below me, and I feel the floorboards creak. It was now lying beneath me, and it has been for a good hour now.

I build the courage to open my eyes, just to look at the time. The bright fluorescent red numbers reading 3:56 am. My curiousness won over me and without thinking, I turned my head to see just what the creature had left for me.

Upon the wall was both my mother and father, all four of the eyes pinned open, staring right at me, with the mouths of both my parents cut and split open too. Their once clean nightwear now covered in a deep red, the source of the discoloration dripping from both of their necks.

My wide eyes shift to the red, dripping letters above my parents, my heart bouncing into my throat as the thing below me starts to shift from under my bed.

“I know you’re awake.”


credit – Shaylah Donnelly


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