So, you googled how to start a blog, you signed up for Bluehost and Tailwind like all the websites pitching blog side hustles suggest. You meticulously crafted your message, expertly designed your logos and graphics, and hit publish.

To your dismay, your inbox wasn’t immediately flooded with admiration, book deals, and mainstream editors look to profile your life’s story. Sound Familiar?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I was there 9 months ago, and I am still waiting for my book and movie deals.

Blogging is not as easy as the eCourse pitchmen would have you believe. The internet is flooded with blogs competing for attention. If you want to stand out, you have to roll up your sleeves and promote your blog to get noticed.

I was able to grow my blog traffic from zero to 250k monthly page views in just nine months. These are some of the sites I used to promote my blog.

Great Places To Promote Your Blog


MIX is a new social media site launched by the same people behind StumbleUpon. The best way to describe MIX is a poorly conceived combination of Pinterest and StumbleUpon.

I still mourn the loss of StumbleUpon because it was a great source of blog traffic, so I might be a bit jaded. MIX was rolled out quite poorly, however, the company seems to be turning things around.

What makes MIX compelling is the platform is smaller than other social media sites so now it is easier to stand out. Getting involved with MIX at this point is essentially an “option’ that if the site takes off you’re not left behind. Imagine if you could have been in on the ground floor or Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.

To do well on MIX, your blog posts need to be submitted by several people. The best approach is to join a blog share group, network with a few bloggers to cross-promote or use a free service like Viral Content Bee to have your posts shared on MIX.


Tumblr is a mix of a social media platform and a micro-blogging site. Tumblr is like a mermaid, neither a fish or a human, similar the site is neither a great social media site or a great blogging platform.

Tumbler has approximately 550 million unique monthly visitors, so clearly it’s worth maintaining a presence on the site. A post that does well on Tumblr can be worth a few thousand sessions. Viral Content Bee recently launched sharing on Tumblr, so the site is a great way to get on Tumblr if you don’t have the time or inclination to lean an additional platform.

Tip: if posting on various channels seems daunting you can use a tool like to publish your blog posts across all of your social media channels. Additionaly, you can use to recommend your content to new audiences.


Snapzu could be thought of as a combination of Tumblr and Reddit. The site is free for bloggers to use, however, the site does offer some paid upgrades

Users can set up communities on the site call tribes and invite people to join their tribe. Members of the tribe can submit content and upvote or downvote submissions like Reddit.

What is notable about Snapzu is the links to posts are dofollow, and if you use MailChimp you can collect the email address of members who join your tribe through your invite code or referral link.

Now the site does not appear to be very active, however, the backlink is strong, and it could be a nice platform to run a networking group with a few other bloggers.

You could create a tribe and invite Google Plus users.


Reddit bills itself as being internets front page and ironically its also the internet’s smoky backroom. Reddit is not for the faint of heart. If you do not bring your A-game, Reddit will eat you alive.

Reddit is organized around communities, called Subreddits, for virtually any topic you can think of.

Do you believe that Luke Skywalker and his buddies were a bunch of terrorists and that the Empire did nothing wrong?

Well, if so there is a Subreddit for that; r/EmpireDidNothingWrong

To be successful on Reddit you must learn the culture of the communities you hope to be active in. Each Subreddit has its own set of rules and tolerances for self-promotion. Violating the group’s rules can result in getting kicked out of the Subreddit and worst having your website reported as spam. Too many spam reports and you will find your website essentially blacklisted from the site.

Don’t let Redditt’s reputation scare you.

The good news is if you follow the rules Reddit is worth considering as it’s a great opportunity to network and interact with people who may be interested in your blog. If for some reason you cannot find a community for your niche, then you are free to start your own subreddit.

Maybe even invite some Google Plus users. ?

How To Get More Blog Traffic

Success in blogging tends to rest on being in the right place at the right time. Since there is no way to know when and where that is, success tends to boil down to being everywhere.

One post on social media is unlikely to cause site crashing traffic, however, if you are consistent and persistent in promoting your blog posts you will see results. The mistake many people make is giving up too soon.

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