How to Make Money With Your Smartphone


Around ten years ago, smartphones were a luxury. What started as just a phone with a few cool extra features has morphed into something else. It’s now a tool for managing our entire lives. We can buy toilet paper, manage our schedules, make an international money transfer, learn new recipes, and even control the temperature in our homes from our phones. And now, yes, we can even make money. Read on to find out how you can start making your smartphone really work for you.


Take Surveys

There are many apps for taking surveys from your phone which pay you in real-life cash. The money usually comes from retailers and product developers looking to fine-tune their marketing strategies.

Harris Poll Online is an app available for both Android and iOS which lets you take surveys right from your smartphone. Another survey app for both platforms is Survey Junkie. Each time you complete a survey, you earn points which can be redeemed for cash and gift cards. To give you some confidence going in, both of these apps have been around for a while and have some credibility.


Over-Communicate With Clients and Colleagues

If you think about it, there’s probably a lot you could be doing to make yourself even more successful at work. Sometimes, however, just getting your core responsibilities done is all you can manage in those 40 hours.

Nearly every email platform can be connected to your phone. The few minutes here and there you spend on your smartphone while waiting on the train or in line at the coffee shop could be spent reaching out to potential clients, collecting feedback, or just touching base with someone you wouldn’t normally touch base with. It shows a level of investment and thoughtfulness uncommon among the general workforce.

To ensure you won’t have any compatibility or connectivity problems, make sure your phone is up-to-date with the latest technology. Consider upgrading to the new iPhone 7 Plus through a lightning-fast network like T-Mobile. The dependable high-speed connection you’ll get through T-Mobile means you’ll have the freedom to email from anywhere you use your iPhone.


Start a Side Hustle

Many on-the-side jobs begin on apps. The disadvantage of side hustles is that you need to spend some time, and possibly money, getting it going. The advantage is that you could make bank!

If you own a reliable four-door vehicle and can pass a background check, consider becoming a driver through Uber, Lyft, or both. If you enjoy driving and have some flexibility to respond to requests, this is a potentially high-earning gig.

Another option for a side hustle includes delivering food from a variety of restaurants to customers through DoorDash. Airbnb is another great way to make extra cash, though you will need a spare bedroom, guest house, or second home. All of these apps are available on both iOS and Android.


Invest in the Stock Market

Passive income is income earned with little to no direct action needed. This makes investing in the stock market the ideal way for those with a day job to make money on the side.

There are several apps for investing in stocks. Betterment is an app which lets you choose the amount you want to invest and will allocate your funds according to your age and goals. Ally Invest gives users more freedom to choose what to invest in, but you will need to know what you’re doing to make money. Both apps are available for iOS and Android.


Build a Social Media Presence


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This is another great way to support your day job from the downtime spent your phone. Businesses with active social media pages garner much more attention, traffic, and ultimately revenue, than those without.

Twitter is an excellent medium for both drawing attention and getting conversations started. It only takes a few minutes to post a tweet, and thanks to your smartphone, you can do it from anywhere. The same goes for Facebook and Instagram.

There are unlimited ways to use your phone to your benefit, and there is a method for everyone. All it takes is a little research and a little (or a lot) of investment. Regarding how much you make, remember that you get out what you put in. Get downloading and happy earning!


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