As a web developer, I've used many different hosting providers.

Some of them have been barebones cheap, to dedicated servers. Each hosting provider has benefits and cons in using them, and sometimes I felt like I had to make significant compromises with most website hosts.

I'm not going to promote a service that I don't believe in, but Cloudways makes this easy as they have everything I need in a website host. Most website hosting providers you either have to sacrifice on cost, flexibility, or features — all of which you don't have to do when going with Cloudways.

Benefits Hosting with Cloudways

Cloudways has a massive list of features that I love. Below are my favorite features:

  • You choose your cloud provider where you want to host your website. Think of this as figuring out where you want your virtual server hosted. Current options include Google, Amazon, DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr.
  • No need to manage the server software. Cloudways keeps everything updated and patched.
  • You can run any PHP application. Drupal, WordPress, and custom builds are all supported.
  • Ability to host multiple websites on each server. Including dev/staging environments!
  • They provide the ability to quickly scale up your server with more ram or CPU power. You can also scale down, but you will have to clone your server.
  • Includes a free automatic backup utility in their GUI interface.
  • Supports connecting to a GIT repo using Bitbucket, GitLab, or whatever you want to use.
  • You have full SSH + SFTP access to your server.
  • The ability to easily change the PHP + MySQL version used on your server.
  • A built-in free SSL certificate.
  • Their customer service is fantastic.

And this isn't an exhaustive list of all the features they provide. Make sure to check out their full list of features on their website.

Why these Features Matter

Before switching to Cloudways for this blog earlier this year, I was hosted on WPEngine. Their service was good, but it was costly. And they lacked some flexibility.

I was also concerned that as my site continued to get more traffic, the cost was going to go up dramatically. I wanted to host this website somewhere that had more flexibility and also would allow me to scale up as the site became more popular (without breaking my wallet).

Switching to Cloudways was easy. I'm only paying a little more than what I was paying at WPEngine, but I get a ton more resources, the site is faster, and I have all the flexibility I need with website hosting.

I also now can host multiple sites on one account, without having to pay extra.

To get good, high-quality website hosting, you can't settle for paying barebone prices (example: Blue Host). You get what you pay for. Sure, you might be able to be okay with cheap website hosting and not have any problems. But when you do have issues, things can get frustrating and expensive fast.

I've worked through many websites hosting related issues, and I wanted to avoid these types of problems as much as possible. It has been smooth sailing, ever since I switched to Cloudways, and I wish I started using them sooner!

Full Control Over Your Website Workflow

I have a full dev environment that I can use when I am working on larger changes, and I've set up a process where I can easily download the database and uploaded files from the live environment to my local site for testing and debugging. This process is much more streamlined and useful than what I had set up using WPEngine, and I don't think I could ever go back to those limitations.

By hosting with Cloudways, I can control how the full process works. I have access to the server that has everything I need, and I know my website is going to be stable and fast.

If there is a problem I can't figure out, Cloudways support is always available to help debug server related issues. They have been quick to respond and are always available.

Instead of going directly with Digital Ocean or a related service, where you have to manage your own server, Cloudways provides a great middle-ground option. Where you get the benefit of hosting your site on these providers but don't have to worry about upgrading your server and getting everything set up (you still have to update your WP plugins).

I even noticed that my site would eventually auto-update to the latest version of WordPress. This feature keeps my website secure and saves time.

I Love Promoting Cloudways

When people ask me where they should host their website, I'm always quick to recommend Cloudways.

The Cloudways affiliate program provides a cherry on top, as now I can get paid for promoting a service I love and use.

They have a few options in how you get paid. Their Slab option provides a higher payment for each signup. Going with their Hybrid option gives you more recurring income for everyone who signs up using your affiliate link.

Once you signup for the Cloudways affiliate program, you can easily access banners and images to promote their service. I've used affiliate systems before, and I was impressed with how easy their interface is to use. The affiliate sign up process was quick and easy.

Why Would You Not Want Cloudways

For most people, I think Cloudways is the best website hosting option.

But there is a small amount of technical knowledge that does make things easier if you do go with Cloudways. You could spin up a site and move to Cloudways easily, but if you need a dev environment, or need to tweak things for your specific workflow, having a bit of technical experience using SSH and other technologies will be helpful. There is nothing that I encountered that was extremely hard to set up, and the Cloudways documentation is top-notch. In other words, I think most people will find their service easy to use.

I don't want to scare you from trying out Cloudways. In fact, you can always try out their 3-day free trial (which doesn't require a credit card), to see if it will work for your needs. Once you signup, you only pay for the resources you use, which reduces costs dramatically.

I personally find their control panel to be more user-friendly than most. I plan on staying with Cloudways and using them for all of my website hosting needs.

In summary, if you need a flexible and low-cost hosting solution, I highly suggest giving Cloudways a try. If this sounds good to you, make sure to go to the Cloudways website and give them a shot.

If you do end up using their services, why not sign up for their affiliate program? You can generate extra cash flow, and promote a high-quality hosting service. It's a win-win situation for everyone!