How to Make Money on Mixer

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You picked your streaming platform, set up your Mixer account, got all the equipment in place, and are ready to begin your streaming journey.

There are so many options as a content creator to share what you love with the world. Streaming has become a fantastic way to bring your hobby to life. It is even more surprising that it can also be turned into income.

But how does that work? How can Mixer streaming make you money?

Here are some of the best ways to monetize your stream and start earning some income!

Mixer Monetization: The Basics

Getting yourself set up for Mixer monetization is quite simple. This will be the first step to make sure that you obtain a proper payout from your streams. Most of the time, this information is requested when you first sign up on the platform, but in case you have not done so, here is what you do!

To enroll in Mixer Monetization, they need to verify some of your personal information such as name, age, and address. Go to the dashboard and click the Monetize tab, then complete the form provided. There may be a short waiting period for verification, about 24 hours.

Once they have verified your personal information, you'll need to sign up with Partner Center. This will involve creating an account, accepting the Mixer Program Agreement, providing tax information, and finally providing payout information.

This is the simple part! Now you will be all set up to receive that well-earned money.

But how do you get that money? Keep reading, and let’s go over the options!

Build an Audience

Before we start to dive into different tactics, building a vast audience should be one of your top priorities. Having that loyal audience is what will help you to have an easier go with the following methods. If you focus on this, the rest will be far easier to accomplish.

The only way you can earn big money via this list of methods is after you’ve established your channel.

Building an audience is a domino effect. If you only have a few followers, it will directly affect the entire list below. Time to take some notes!

To build a huge following, you must have good content. Find your niche and then stick to it; you’ll be more likely to develop a tight-knit community that way. Make sure your streams are high-quality by using suitable equipment. This includes lighting, a camera, a microphone, and even a green screen.

Interact with your followers, even if they’re still a small bunch. Viewers like watching someone they think they can be friends with. Appreciate each one of them, and you’ll get more of them in no time.

Now let’s move forward with the list!

Asking for Donations

This is a very straightforward way to make money on Mixer. Asking for donations is quite common and is usually a way also to improve your streams and stream gear.

Many streamers upload exclusive content that’s only available for these donating patrons.

You can come up with unique rewards for accepting donations, such as getting access to things like your private group chat, movie nights, and Q&A sessions. Recognition, merchandise, and such are also common rewards.

You can implement a tier system, in which a donating patron gets more access the more they donate. You can also choose to get monthly donations or a one-time fundraising event instead.

The key here is offering some sort of added value to your stream, and then reminding them of the perks. You aren’t directly asking for donations on stream, but instead offering perks to supporters.

Donations are basically tips, and virtually all of that money (minus any associated PayPal or other credit card processing fees) goes to streamers. Many pro streamers incentivize and thank their viewers for tips by using a funny image and sound effect whenever someone gives a tip. You can also consider an option such as providing the patron access to your private Snapchat if they tip a certain amount.

This is also another great way to grow your loyal audience and make them feel that they are a part of your stream!

*Pro Tip – Set up a ‘Donations Goal' bar on your Stream screen with an amount so patrons can see what you are working toward!*

Getting Sponsorship Offers

This one can be a bit tricky if you are a new streamer, but it is definitely worth mentioning the idea of sponsorships.

Many streams would say that the best money comes from sponsorships. It is the familiar concept of a company that gives you money to promote their product. It’s that simple, but the process of getting sponsorships isn’t always so easy.

Sometimes, if you’re an exceptional streamer, you’ll eventually get the eye of an interested party. They’ll reach out to you, and you discuss the deal.

Sponsorships, which often show up in the form of streams where gamers are paid to play specific games, can earn anywhere from one cent to $1 per viewer per hour.

Let us use pro streamer Wang for an example! Wang is a streamer who averages 10,000 viewers, so he can earn between $1,000 and $10,000 per hour, depending on the game he’s playing.

If you’re only starting, however, you may have to work to get a deal. You’ll have to be the one to reach out to companies. You’ll have to pitch your channel and convince them that you can give them results.

This is something to keep in your back pocket for when you feel you are ready to pitch your channel to potentially interested parties!

Get Your Viewers to Use Skills and Embers

Skills are something that viewers “buy” to be able to send stickers, gifs, and other effects on a stream. Each time a viewer uses a skill, the streamer gets a financial benefit. Although that economic benefit is small and the streamer must be a partner, the money you get from this method can add up.

Viewers can also support a streamer financially using sparks. They earn this “currency” by watching streams. They can then spend it on skills. They can also use it to help partnered streamers reach milestones for small cash payouts.

Mixer also has Embers. Embers are Mixer’s virtual currency, like bits from Twitch. Patrons give multiple Embers at a time, similar to tips. Mixer streamers make $1 per 100 embers. This is an excellent way for a new streamer to pull in some extra cash!

Still not convinced Embers add up? Keep Reading!

Let us use top Mixer streamer Ninja as an example. Ninja had over 110,700 Embers in a week. This equates to $1,107 per week, or $4,428 per month, or $53,136 per year!

Activate the Direct Purchase Program

Loving the new game that you have been continuously playing? You can use that for extra cash through the direct purchase program!

Streamers can now earn money by promoting the game they’re playing. This program lets viewers buy whatever the user is streaming through a button at the top of the page. A button for purchase will be right by the streamer name.

The whole purchasing process happens right on the page, so it will not disrupt stream or gameplay. Once the game is purchased, it will go right into your Xbox or Windows 10 game library.

Take note that this means only the games in the Microsoft Store are available via Direct Purchase.

Streamers can earn 5% of every game bought via their channel. They can also choose which to promote: the base game, any other edition, or the DLC. With this program, streamers will earn $3 for every viewer who signs up for Xbox Game Pass and uses their code at checkout.

A massive benefit to streaming on Mixer, it allows any stream to activate the program, whereas others only make it available to its partners.

Speaking of Partnership! That brings us to the next section!

Becoming a Mixer Partner

We talked about mixer partnership a bit in our last article, so now we are going to go a bit more in-depth on the Mixer partner program. Going for Partner in the streaming world is considered the highest accolade for most content creators.

Partner status is when the platform has recognized you as a streamer that should obtain professional monetization. Becoming a partner on the platform opens up the opportunity for you to earn through ad revenue and earn actual money.

Partners get perks like emotes and free Pro status. They can even give away free codes for Pro and subscription to whomever they want once every month. They get dual streaming, priority support, priority feedback, and more.

For Mixer, there are two stages to partnership application review: the metrics and the quality. They have an application page where you can check and see if your channel qualifies for Partner status.

Do not feel bad if you do not qualify right away! It takes time to combine the perfect balance of the requirements. Let’s review those!

The Metrics:

The metrics for your account are essential. They are the base guidelines from a logistics standpoint of what you need to apply and, hopefully, become a partner.

Here is what they look for:

  • Account Age: 2+ months
  • Followers: 2,000+
  • Streams per month: 12 or more days
  • Hours Streamed per month: 25 or more hours
  • Following Terms of Service and Rules of User Conduct

So those are the basic guidelines and requirements for partner. It does not mean that a channel that does not hit all these guidelines cannot obtain partner status, but it is less common. Keep these numbers in mind when you want to manage your channel.

The Quality Review:

When it comes to quality, this is where your actual content is what matters. According to Mixer, every application is read by their team of onboarding agents, and each partner candidate is reviewed personally within the context of their brand.

They consider several factors but primarily focus on Professionalism, Uniqueness, and Community Building.

Here is a further breakdown of what they consider for Quality:


  • Socials properly linked
  • Consistent branding
  • Channel description utilized
  • Clear schedule
  • Constructive attitude


  • Content diversity
  • Streamer diversity
  • Schedule diversity

Community Building:

  • Metrics show signs of reasonable growth for the content
  • Chat moderation
  • Use of social media to promote brand
  • Brand-positive messaging
  • Following Conduct Guidelines

Mixer will still review average concurrent viewers in chat, but they use the averages of similar content on their site to understand the growth and potential of that channel.

Mixer recommends that to pass this part of the review, remember: always strive to improve your channel and keep a community-first attitude.

They will even consider you for partnership if you meet the following requirements on other streaming platforms:

  • 100k + views in the last 30 days on YouTube
  • 300+ average concurrent viewers on Twitch

As you can see, both the metrics and quality will take equal play in your journey to becoming a Mixer Partner. It is essential to note that it is a great deal easier to become a Mixer partner than that of its larger stream platform counterparts.

Simply focus on being yourself and making your stream a successful one!

Now that you are a Mixer Partner, you have access to the best and fastest way to make money…


Mixer subscriptions are one price of $4.99 per month for a patron to subscribe to your channel. After someone buys a subscription to a channel, they usually get custom emotes from the broadcaster to use in chat, and a badge by their name that alerts people to their subscriber status.

Mixer subscriptions are a simple and obvious way to make money as a Twitch streamer. They are a 50/50 split between the streamer and Mixer. The platform will take $2.50 of the $5 subscription.

Mixer subscriptions differ from the ones on Twitch, however, because there’s only one single price to subscribe and because viewers can only subscribe to Mixer partners — its set of verified users.

So how much money can you make from subscriptions? Let's crunch some numbers!

You are now a new Mixer partner with a great audience that wants to support you. In your first week, you have fifteen people that decide they want to support you! That would be $37.50 just in your first week in subscriptions. In week two, you have 20 new subscribers, totaling at $50. In subscriptions alone, your first two weeks put $87.50 in your pocket!

Pro streamers can average upwards of 300 subscribers every month. That is $750 a month in subscriptions alone!

Mixer Wrap Up

All of these are excellent ways to make money on Mixer! Now it is up to you to decide what your overall monetization goals are.

A quick summary of the importance of having goals:

If you are shooting for that partner status, keep these facts in mind regarding monetizing your channel. If you only have a few followers, you only have a small chance of getting patrons, then you can’t obtain partner status, you won’t get a sponsor, and you won’t have enough viewers to take advantage of the Direct Purchase program.

Make sure to focus on engagement and growing your audience.

There are so many different ways to monetize your channel. Take some time to weigh all the options and get creative. Then share your creativity with the world!

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Commonly Asked Questions: How to Make Money on Mixer

How much money do Mixer streamers make?

This all depends on what methods you choose to try to make money. Subscription prices on Mixer are $4.99 per month. You can make more by achieving Mixer Partnership when you complete the partnership requirements.

How much can you make on Mixer?

You can really make as much as you would like with Mixer streaming. If you live, stream a significant amount that will help you to make more money streaming. It will also help you gain the vital stats for the partner program.

How do you monetize a Mixer?

The best way to start making money is to follow the initial setup instructions. Make sure you Go to the dashboard and click the Monetize tab then submit the form.

Do streamers earn money from Sparks?

Yes. Subscribers will earn 250 Sparks per minute while watching the channel they are subscribed to. Streamers can also make sparks; at the current rate, streamers earn 50 sparks per minute streamed.

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