If you have been following my blog, you may have seen my post, 25K in May, where I explain how I got into blogging. My goal for the month was to hit 25K sessions. Prior to May, I was averaging about 3k or so a month. (Remember my blog is only a few months old.)

Prior to May, I was posting about once a week, and that pace was getting me nowhere fast, or was it nowhere slowly? (Hmm.) Anyway, I knew if I wanted to hit my target, I needed to post multiple times a week. I started May with the plan to post 3 or more times a week. I hit 25k sessions in early May and then got the wild Idea I could hit 50k sessions or more if I posted daily (Monday thru Friday).

I gave once-a-day posting a try, and with work, family commitments, etc., I was not able to get a daily post in. I ended up with 20 posts for the month of May. Had I realized before the start of May the necessity of once a day posting I would have planned out my schedule differently. I ended the month with just over 56k sessions. Unfortunately, this number does not include the nearly 3k views I got from my ACA post being featured in Rockstar Finance as I pulled my site away from the branding company that had created my site, and I got locked out of my old Google analytic account.

Someday I should write a post on all the things not to do when blogging because if there was a mistake to be made, I surely did it over the last few months and paid ($) for it. However, if you have stuck with me this long, you’re probably not looking for mistakes; you want to know what works! So here are the few things I did to get 50k plus sessions in May:

Guest Posts

I have hosted a few guest posts in the past, however, guest posts were critical to my success in May. Looking back, I do not understand why many bloggers are so reluctant to host guest posts. If you are not posting once a day, a guest post is an excellent opportunity to get more content posted on your site.

I was fortunate that Accidental Fire gave me an amazing guest post about Renting vs. Buying, the post received amazing traffic and Accidental Fire worked overtime to promote the piece. The results of the post have been amazing, and I am now a guest posting advocate and convert; I got a post that’s unique and different than what I would normally do, having the extra content freed me up to work on some other projects, and I gained a highly respected colleague referring people to my site.

In total, I hosted 3 guests’ posts and they have all been a resounding success.


Posting on other sites

Accidental Fire was kind enough to allow me to write a guest post for his site. This was a really fun opportunity, and because I was so thankful for his support, I really challenged myself to write a great post. I saw in a forum a blogger mentions they only do guest posts on blogs bigger than their own.

I feel this is a mistake, as every post is an avenue to your site. Some posts might be doors, some might be windows. If you want more traffic, you need as many windows and doors as possible.

What’s next

As I mentioned, my goal is to hit 100K sessions in June, and I have a lot of neat projects planned. I’m going to continue my series of interviews where I talk with people who make modest incomes and have achieved financial success. I am making five-minute financial lessons a permanent feature, where people can ask questions and get them answered.

This week, I will be adding comments to my website, probably later in the week after the heat dies down over my High-income Blogger post. (more on that later)  I’m also working on an email sign-up feature where people can choose to sign up for my newsletter that will include not only my posts but some additional awesome bonuses.

Thank you to each and every one of you who has made the month of May a fantastic month and helped me reach my goals. I hope I can help you reach yours as well.


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