Hitman 3 DLC Is ‘Definitely’ Happening, Might Include Twists on Existing Maps

Hitman 3 will be getting DLC at some point in the future, as confirmed by developer IO Interactive. During an interview with TheGamer, Hitman 3 Executive Producer, Forest Swartout Large told the publication that IO is “continuously working on Hitman so we are already looking to the future.”

When asked about the possibility of DLC for Hitman 3, Large said “we are definitely going to be doing some DLC, but we haven’t defined what that is. I think for now we are not looking at new maps like the bank and the island.

“We’re more looking at using existing locations and reimagining them, twisting them. And this time around, we can use the whole trilogy. We can look back at Hitman 2016 maps, Hitman 2 maps – we have all the locations.”

The idea of mixing in maps from older games in the upcoming DLC sounds like it could be a fun twist, but it will be interesting to see how that will be implemented since not everyone owns the legacy content. Players could import the content of the previous two games into Hitman 3 as long as they owned the first two games.

Will players be required to own the older games to access the new DLC? Or will it be available to purchase standalone? At this point, it's too early to tell, but perhaps we'll see more from Hitman 3 later this year.

IO Interactive has garnered tremendous success with Hitman 3. In less than a week, the game became profitable for the company, and had the biggest digital launch in the history of the series. Currently, IO is working on a James Bond game, so it's unclear when we'll see another full Hitman game. We know Hitman 3 marked the conclusion of the World of Assassination trilogy, though that doesn't mean Agent 47 is gone for good.

For now, you can enjoy Hitman 3 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and even Nintendo Switch (via the cloud).

Source: TheGamer

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