History of Commerce

My good friends over at ecommerce have put together a great infographic detailing the History of Commerce. I’m not sure if you recall you first transaction whether it was with cash, credit or maybe you bartered with a friend. So let’s take a look and see if we can jog your memory.

History of Commerce: From Cattle to Bitcoin
History of Commerce: From Cattle to Bitcoin, an infographic created by Ecommerce Platforms.

My Commerce History

My history with commerce starting in the 1970’s, I don’t recall the exact moment, but recall receiving allowance or birthday gifts. Always cash and when it was gone I was done shopping. Once I had merchandise in hand I had the ability to barter with friends. I traded baseball card, toys, action figures, candy, etc. This cash-only system lasted into the late 1980’s when I went to college and my parents gave me a credit card. It was to be used for emergencies they said. An emergency in my mind was if I needed gas or pizza and had no cash. They paid the bill and I knew that so I never charged too much on the card.

Fast forward into the early 1990’s and I was able to get my own credit card, 1992 to be exact. I remember the year because I had one of the cards that said: “Member Since” printed on the front and for some odd reason that was important to me. This is where my bad habits with money really started. I used the credit card to buy things I didn’t have the money for and that snowballed into carrying a monthly balance. The cards began to multiply over the years. By the late 1990’s once married, buying a house and starting a family there were several cards and we were living beyond our means, just managing minimum payments.

That type of behavior continued for a stretch of many years until 2010 when we saw the error in our behavior and cut up the cards and turned things around. So wish I could go back to that moment in the early 1990’s and smack myself in the back of the head and change the word “Member” on that card to “Paying Interest.”

What’s your history with commerce?

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